Sunday, July 20, 2008

Geest Goes Neko: Eat Rice Fashion Show - July 20, 2008

Like a lot of totally awesome things, Dot introduced me to Ellie Celt and Eat Rice!

by proxy when, upon seeing the cuteness that she is, I declared "I must own this!" and dashed off to acquire.
Saturday evening, Eat Rice!, along with its neigboring (is the basement considered a neighbor?) store Symptom, hosted it's first fashion show in the park area of the Tasogare Machi sim. The event, well attended by SL's most prominent resident - Lag, showcased some of the, as Ms. Lane puts it, khyoot offerings available at both stores - also on display was Symptom owner and designer Xan Pixel's rather disturbing addiction to cheese flavored snack crackers (rumors suggest cheddar flavored), as well as his love of Abba and all things regarding Dancing Queens.

For the uninitiated and the terminally unSephie (read: uncool), Ellie's designs are kinda hard to describe: they are most decidely punk by way of neko, but they're not so primmed-out as to be excluded from the more conservative avie's wardrobe. The same can not be said for Xan's designs, as he tends to incorporate heavy use of charms and various teched-out gadgets in the design of his accessories, but this isn't a bad thing as they perfectly complimented the look of Ellie's designs and looked totally khyoot on the models.

One of the cool things about Symptom's designs is that they feature a few functional elements - for example, both the Worker's Belt and The Charm necklace include things that look like a copyrighted product (I'll leave you to guess which) that play music when pressed. The feature wasn't demonstrated at the show, but even if all it plays is Yanni, they still look awesome.

Ellie seems to draw her design ideas from pretty much everywhere,
as her stuff incorporates ideas from video games, anime, American cartoons (her Lydia skins are named, I presume, for Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice - woo!) This outfit, modeled by Alice Vaher, features a Moogle hat that actually makes the "kyupo" sound when the nose is pushed. Another great feature is that after 30 seconds of consistent "kyupo-ing", everybody in the sim wants to kill you. The outfit also features Eat Rice!'s La Tank in grey, the curiously-named "toast theif" eyes (also in grey), Cutie Collar in Black, and the oh-so-versatile Blah jeans.

This outfit, modeled by Girl Reporter's second favorite semi professional model, Annabelle Reinhart, features another Symptom accessory, the DJ Headphones that, aside from looking cool, have no function whatsoever. One of the great features of Ellie's textures on her clothes is that they feature a lot of rich detail - something you can't really appreciate from these teeny tiny little pictures I'm sticking you with. This outfit features the Dingy Lush capris, the Orhime hair in platinum, Illuminated yellow green eyes, and the Marionette skin in pale. Not mentioned is the "Claw 2 Deaf" accessory, which creeped yours truly right out of her fashonable little boots.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a love affair with little tiny teensy weensy skulls; I also love things that are black and white; I also detest blue cheese. I loved this outfit for 2 of the above reasons. The shading on the Skully Top Plain is absolutely darling, and the little skull adds just enough distinction to be interesting without being obtrusive. Also of note in this outfit is the Fangirl Belt, which incorporates a Nintendo DS on the hip (Ellie was careful to point out that this is a Nintendo DS Lite - which makes the belt at least fifty percent more awesome than if it was a regular DS). Also featured in this outfit is the Lydia plain black eye skin, Charm Collar II, Melmel hair in black, and the Toast Theif eyes in gray.

While the above outfits were my favorites, they do not even come close to representing some of the truly novel designs on display at Eat Rice! and Symptom. I really do belive that Ellie's stuff is on the verge of becoming the next big thing in SL fashion (at least amongst those cray-zee neko and gothy type peeples) and I urge you to head down to her store and purchase everything there - even things that can't normally be purchased. Then you'll be able to wearily say that you were sporting Eat Rice! and Symptom gear before it was popular and before Ellie was named Supreme Neko Goddess of the Known Universe.

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NIce job Sephie!
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