Friday, May 30, 2008

Truth In AV-ertising (Warning: Nude Dot Photo!)

The topic de jour over at Shopping Cart Disco is the appearance of a Flickr group devoted to skinny avs called "Thinspo". This in and of itself might not be problematic, but the pro-eating disorder mentality it fosters is. You've not heard of thinspo? Read this. Now I know what you're saying. You're saying, "But Dot, people can be anything they want in SL." I agree. But do we really need yet more advocacy of unrealistic body images? And that's what bothers me: the active promotion of such an insidiously destructive lifestyle. Go over to Shopping Cart Disco and read Stein Shilova's comment about the effects of eating disorders. What, you're still here? Go!

I suppose the counter argument is that the Thinspo Flickr group will get lost in the tidal wave of pretty skinny girls that inundates us every single day in sl and rl and people are just over-reacting to the latest provocation. Still, I can't let this pass by without comment. I spent so much time coming to terms with my RL body that to have another shape in SL seems almost a betrayal of that effort (please note: I am not saying that my AV looks like me. The phenotype, however, is accurate. I'm *much* cuter in RL.) When I was but a young av, I was asked many many times if I were pregnant and was offered many suggestions about how to be taller, thinner, "prettier". Fuck. That. There is enough cultural bias and bullshit surrounding body images to last us our first lives, second lives, and third through tenth lives. So, here I am, in all my glory, and I'm happy to be me:

Monday, May 26, 2008

You Can See Right Through Me

Elemiah Design and Lingerie's "Caline" under a Sheer Shift Dress


The Bare Facts

I've raved in the past about the shift dresses from Sheer but what to wear underneath them has proved to be a challenge--the dresses themselves are so delicate they require lingerie equal to the challenge. So I've been looking for just the right white lacy lingerie for some time now and I'm pleased to say I've been able to end my search. Elemiah Design and Lingerie makes a bustier and panty set perfect for the Sheer shift: good nipple coverage while being ever so slightly transparent, a delicate pattern, and I can still show off my tattoos. It's the "Caline" model, if you want to check it out. When I visited the store Elemiah Choche herself was there, so I explained what I wanted, and she quickly modeled the set for me. It's obvious I'm going to have to go lingerie shopping more often!

Other items worn:

Fleur Vanilla Parfait Deux 6
booN KRC02 in black
Lassitude and Ennui signature sandals
Eat Rice Charm Collar II


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Flaw In My Plan

You'll remember I was doing laundry the other day and thought I was so clever for having bought a washing machine. Well, what did I forget? I forgot to buy a dryer. I'm stuck at home, nude, waiting for my things to dry.

(special thanks to Ros at Fleur for making skins that make even my butt look good!)

Ass-Thetically Pleasing

Now that the weather is turning warmer, I've started going through my inventory to prepare for the summer months. As you know, there are many things I wear in SL that I would really like to wear in RL. I was therefore puzzled by the number of pairs of denim shorts in my inventory, because I avoid these like the plague in RL. I'm not immune to the charms of cut-offs--God knows I've made them myself out of favorite pairs of old jeans--but as I get older they seem somehow less appropriate. After all, weren't cutoffs just your jeans from the school year that you had outgrown and were giving one last hurrah? The other problem of course, is that you need a certain kind of ass to really pull them off. Fortunately for all of you, I have just that ass in SL, so I've taken some pictures starring my posterior. I think for all around use, the Tres Blah! shorts are the best, but I'd love to hear your opinions. Comment away!

Hoochie Dot!

Shorts: Andro Design
Hair: ETD Davina II in Elika's red
Tank: Torrid Wear "Rugged Tank: in white sheer
Glasses: Mokoptical "Pink Sunglasses"
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Collar: Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoos: custom

Bad Ass Dot!

Hair: booN SHY48 in black
Glasses: Mobius "Betty"
SSkin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Collar: Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Shorts: Tres Blah Starlust Motel Shorts
Shirt: The Full Monstie "Johnny Cash--The Finger"
Cigarette: Virus "Cancer Stick"
Tattoo: custom

Dot Letting It All Hang Out!

Shorts: Cherry Girl "side cut short pants a open zipper"
Top: "Green Chiffon Halter" by Launa Fauna
Hair: The Abyss "Aeon" in blood
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Collar: Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoos: custom stomach and back, chest Ink Stain "Multi Star"

Presentable Dot!

Top: Papaya "Dotty Shirt"
Shorts: SavvyAvvy "Regular Denim Shorts"
Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in obsidian
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Collar: Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoo: custom

Incognito Dot!

Shorts: Sand Shack Surf Co. "Grungy Denim Bermudas"
Hair: Aden "Suri" in black
Glasses: artilleri "Greta" in black
Top: The Abyss "Halter Sweater" in green
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Collar: Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoos: custom stomach and back, chest Ink Stain "Multi Star"


Tuesday, May 20, 2008!

Bow Down To My Awesomeness!

Ummm...Scratch That...It Really Isn't That Awesome After All

The Point Of Dot.Land Is To Make Art, I Think

Dot's Pretty Design!

Yay! I Can Leave Dot.Land!

Val Kendal told me about a few days ago and I went and visited, not sure what I would find. I had kind of hoped for a shrine to my awesomeness, but of course, once again, I was disappointed. I did make a pretty picture however, so it wasn't a total loss. I am wearing some cute Tres Blah cut-offs which came from the freebie section at the Starlust Motel, so that helps make me feel better, as does the green stripey polo from WRONG!

You can view my creation here and download your own copy, suitable for wall hangings, picture backdrops, or what have you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dot Lane Does Her Laundry

Dot Lane, With Nothing Clean To Wear

I knew the day would come where I would run out of clean things to wear. Actually that's not quite true: I haven't picked up my dry-cleaning in ages, and going through my inventory to find something new to wear is just too daunting a task. As you can see, I've broken down and started to do my laundry since no one else has stepped up to do it for me. Le sigh! What? You don't relax on a fur rug to do your laundry?


More Goodness from Mayuki Nozaki

Mayuki Nozaki's "Linda" with bolero

Mayuki Nozaki's "Linda" without bolero

UnTone Quilt's Starlust Picnic Set earrings

Schadenfreude's Starlust Charm Bracelet

Mayuki Nozaki posted notice of a new item, the "Linda" Flower dress, on her blog so of course I had to run out and look at it and by "look at it", I mean "buy it". You'll remember how much I like her work, and "Linda" does not disappoint. It features a full skirt with what appears to be a silk-screened flower and the spaghetti straps support my rather small chest in a most appealing way. The texture is a heavy linen burlap weave and I can imagine wearing this to summer lawn parties. The dress can be worn with or without the sheer white bolero which fastens with a heart button. As always, her work flatters my rather odd shape so imagine it what you can do for you! It is available in 1o (!) colors and you can find it in all of her stores I assume, but here is the slurl for her mainstore in Sokri.

I also picked up a few freebies from the Starlust Motel office which I'm wearing. You can expect more posts shortly about Starlust (I do some of my best work at cheap motels) but for now gaze upon the Schadenfreude Starlust charm bracelet and the UnToneQuilt Starlust Picnic Set earrings.

Other details so you can become a Dot Lane clone:

Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in black
Skin: Fleur Vanilla Deux Parfait 3
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui Signature Sandal in white and silver


Big Duck!

Big Duck!

Dot Lane Reminisces About Her Days Selling Flop Dogs

Showing Off The "Starfruit Retro Top" from Twosome

I was poking around the Starlust Motel yesterday, checking out the build and trying to find a vibrating bed for my next illicit assignation, when I came across the SMERSH duck, a replica of the famed "Big Duck" out on Long Island in New York. Of course I had to go inside, and once there I met flopsie McArdle, creator of the immortal Flop Dog trailer, one of my favorite SL objects ever since I first encountered one at the Fashion Victims HQ sim. Readers with good memories will recall my time working at the Flop Dog. I was thrilled to see that not only does flopsie sell the Flop Dog at SMERSH, but other lovely prefabs as well, including some diners that will knock your bobby sox off. I'm so buying a diner and calling it "Dot's Place" just as soon as I figure a place to put it, so expect a grand opening sometime next year since I'm so illiterate about how SL actually works. You think I'm kidding? I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to figure out the camera controls. I'm sure you all would love to come hang out with me at my diner and I can call you "hon" and let my cigarette ashes fall in your coffee cup but you won't care because it would be just so much fun, right? Right???

I'm wearing the "Starfruit Retro Top" from Twosome, Fleur's brand spanking new Boutique Lily Shoujo Florence (isn't it teh awesome? you need one or two or several!), booN's BON75 hair in black, G.L.A.M.'s "Lucky" skinny jeans, the Eat Rice Charm Collar II, tattoos by Ink Stain and a custom job, Hanauta's Kiwi thank you ring in silver, and Schadenfreude's Starlust charm bracelet.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meloncholy Dot

So now that I have a place of my own, all of my loyal readers will be subjected to interminable interior decoration posts. I can tell you're thrilled. Kit Maitland recently TPed me over to The Midnight Circus where I picked up a nice box of freebie interior decorating items, including the rug, candles, and candle snuffer you see above. The candles put off a lovely light and, in a clever bit of design, can be snuffed out by touching the candle snuffer. Want them lit again? Touch the snuffer again. Such fun! I'm sitting at the kiwi table by Hanauta, about to eat a plate of melon (or "meron", as the object is named) that came from Z'sCA in the Happy Style Mall hunt. Life is good!

Oh, you want to know about the clothes?

I'm wearing a free white shirt from Ash Style, a knotted mother-of-pearl necklace from Shiny Things, and some pink and green plaid pants from Grandma. Hair is ETD's Maaliyah and skin is Fleur's Vanity in Blush.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Showing Some Skin

Fleur has new skins! Long time readers know how rational I am when it comes to Fleur, so of course I hurried to take some pics in the Lily Shoujo Elizabeth which you can see below paired with a new release from Pop Feel. The second set is the Lily Shoujo Florence and a dress from Amplify which was part of the Retrology sim's rose hunt a few days ago. Incidentally, if you haven't been to Retrology, you should make a point of going--the sim design is fantastic and Pin-Ups is a fun place to hang out, not to mention the excellent shopping. Big thanks to Ros at Fleur for making me beautiful!

Skin: Fleur Boutique Lily Shoujo Elizabeth
Dress: Pop Feel "Retro Polka Dot" in Green (free from the prize camping chair)
Hair: booN KRC02

Skin: Fleur Boutique Lily Shoujo Florence
Dress: Amplify "Mother's Day Dress" (from the Retrology rose hunt)
Hair: booN BON75
Choker: Cipher "Padlock" (free in store)
Shoes: Tesla "Leather Vixens" in candy
Earrings: M-C-H "Key Motif Studs" (free in store if you can find them)
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And I Shall Smite You With My Rod......

Extropia, where I now live, holds fishing contests every Tuesday and Thursday at 5PM SL time. The winner receives not only a cash prize, but also a shiny trophy. I won last night's contest and of course I need to brag about it. Hey, I don't have anything else going on in-world to crow about, so I will take my victories where I can find them.

The Final Tally

A Shiny Trophy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over And Over Again

I set up a little photo studio in my apartment and decided to take some pictures while I was going through my inventory. I came up with some variations on a theme: booN hair, Fleur skins, Sheer tights, and some of my favorite little black dresses. The opaque tights from Sheer will be available soon and I will let everyone know as soon as they show up in the store!

Skin: Fleur Boutique Vanilla Parfait 2
Hair: booN KRC02
Dress: Goth1C0 "My Little Black Dress"
Tights: Sheer "Semi Opaque Black"
Shoes: Minx "Sweet As Sin"
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II

Skin: Fleur Vivant Biba 2
Hair: booN NMR32
Dress: B390 "Lil Black Dress"
Tights: Sheer "Torn Nylon Black"
Shoes: Minx "Sweet As Sin"
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Ring: Hanauta "Thank You Kiwi Ring--Silver"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star Tattoo"

Skin: Fleur Vivant Biba 1
Hair: booN BON75
Dress: Sweet Dreams "Black Latex Sizzle Mini"
Tights: Sheer "Opaque Black"
Boots: Level 700 Stiletto Reflections
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Ring: Hanauta "Thank You Kiwi Ring--Silver"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star Tattoo"
Earrings: M-C-H "Key Motif Studs"

Skin: Fleur Vanilla Deux Parfait 6
Hair: booN MOM75
Dress: Cover Girl "Black Dress"
Tights: Sheer "Dots Black"
Shoes: Tesla "Leather Vixens" in liquorice
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Ring: Hanauta "Thank You Kiwi Ring--Silver"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star Tattoo"

Skin: Fleur Vivant Blush Paon 4
Hair: booN KAR07
Dress: kikis closet "Cynical"
Stockings: Sheer "Black Fishnet"
Shoes: Tesla "Leather Vixens" in liquorice
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Ring: Hanauta "Thank You Kiwi Ring--Silver"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star Tattoo"
Earrings: M-C-H "Key Motif Studs"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Apples of My Eye

Happy Style Mall is currently having an apple hunt spread across two locations which runs through 12 May. You're looking for thirty apples (I found 20 or so before calling a time out) with prizes ranging from art to furniture to clothes. Below are pictures of the finds which struck me as particularly noteworthy or amusing:

If You're Going To Hide Apples, Why Not Inside Pigs?

Mayuki Nozaki Flower Dress Miki Green (Happy Style Hunt--also includes red and brown!)
Shoes: Tesla Leather Vixens in Avocado
Cipher Leather Single Anklet
Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Hair: booN SHY48 in black
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2

Miroku Tank (Happy Style Hunt)
Miroku Leggings in pink (Happy Style Hunt)
Silver Kiwi Ring by Hanauta (freebie)
Hair: booN SHY48 in black
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2

Dress by Zephi's Shop (Happy Style Hunt)
Skin: Fleur Vivant Biba 2
Hair: booN KRC02 in black
Collar: "Ruby Collar" by PUNKi
Shoes: Minx "Sweet as Sin"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"

Furniture includes a plywood magazine rack from Ash Style which fits into my shabby chic apartment (the decor, not the wonderful Extropia architecture), along with a table from U&R Dogs, and a melon set from Z's CA. The couch, which isn't from the hunt, is a freebie from Chemgnosis, the rug is from Inca Temple.

And finally, what would a Japanese mall hunt be without a host of animals showing up?

When Pandas Attack!

Happy Style Mall Apple Hunt: Panda slippers, leg panda from Andalusite, shoulder panda from Hyde's Bar.

I Can't Even Look At You!
Giant Panda from Andalusite.