Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Apples of My Eye

Happy Style Mall is currently having an apple hunt spread across two locations which runs through 12 May. You're looking for thirty apples (I found 20 or so before calling a time out) with prizes ranging from art to furniture to clothes. Below are pictures of the finds which struck me as particularly noteworthy or amusing:

If You're Going To Hide Apples, Why Not Inside Pigs?

Mayuki Nozaki Flower Dress Miki Green (Happy Style Hunt--also includes red and brown!)
Shoes: Tesla Leather Vixens in Avocado
Cipher Leather Single Anklet
Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Hair: booN SHY48 in black
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2

Miroku Tank (Happy Style Hunt)
Miroku Leggings in pink (Happy Style Hunt)
Silver Kiwi Ring by Hanauta (freebie)
Hair: booN SHY48 in black
Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2

Dress by Zephi's Shop (Happy Style Hunt)
Skin: Fleur Vivant Biba 2
Hair: booN KRC02 in black
Collar: "Ruby Collar" by PUNKi
Shoes: Minx "Sweet as Sin"
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"

Furniture includes a plywood magazine rack from Ash Style which fits into my shabby chic apartment (the decor, not the wonderful Extropia architecture), along with a table from U&R Dogs, and a melon set from Z's CA. The couch, which isn't from the hunt, is a freebie from Chemgnosis, the rug is from Inca Temple.

And finally, what would a Japanese mall hunt be without a host of animals showing up?

When Pandas Attack!

Happy Style Mall Apple Hunt: Panda slippers, leg panda from Andalusite, shoulder panda from Hyde's Bar.

I Can't Even Look At You!
Giant Panda from Andalusite.



Bella Baroque said...

hahahaha, i'm <3ing the "I can't even look at you" panda pic. so cute! i gotta go get me one! thanks for the tip little lady :D

Anonymous said...

/me is hyperventilating at the picture of Dot in the red dress from Zephi's shop - fabulous!