Saturday, May 3, 2008

Free, But Not Cheap

Dots! Earrings

VBD Polka Dot Bracelet

My friend Val Kendal has been making high quality, low cost jewelry for a while now and recently took up the Dot Lane Design Challenge. What's that? You haven't heard of the Dot Lane Design Challenge? It's pretty easy: you make something and name it after me. Now I had always assumed the first thing that would be made and named in my honor would be a t-shirt reading "I'm With Stupid" or a sex toy so I can't tell you happy I was to find out that Val made some lovely hoop earrings with small polka dots on them in different color combinations and named them, well, Dots!. They're so cute and, best of all, they're free! I know the price isn't a commentary on me because while I may be cheap, I'm not that cheap, and besides I look like a million bucks wearing them.

Where can you find the earrings? Over at Onrez. Look for Valhalla Beach Designs!

I'm also wearing:

Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 2 (notice how I have a healthy spring glow?) Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in Elika's Red Collar: Eat Rice "Charm Collar II" Camisole: D!FF "Polkadot Bra'd Cami"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dot! Yes, the fact that the Dots! earrings are free is certainly no indication of *your* worth! Can't wait to see who takes up Dot Lane Challenge next...