Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Duck!

Big Duck!

Dot Lane Reminisces About Her Days Selling Flop Dogs

Showing Off The "Starfruit Retro Top" from Twosome

I was poking around the Starlust Motel yesterday, checking out the build and trying to find a vibrating bed for my next illicit assignation, when I came across the SMERSH duck, a replica of the famed "Big Duck" out on Long Island in New York. Of course I had to go inside, and once there I met flopsie McArdle, creator of the immortal Flop Dog trailer, one of my favorite SL objects ever since I first encountered one at the Fashion Victims HQ sim. Readers with good memories will recall my time working at the Flop Dog. I was thrilled to see that not only does flopsie sell the Flop Dog at SMERSH, but other lovely prefabs as well, including some diners that will knock your bobby sox off. I'm so buying a diner and calling it "Dot's Place" just as soon as I figure a place to put it, so expect a grand opening sometime next year since I'm so illiterate about how SL actually works. You think I'm kidding? I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to figure out the camera controls. I'm sure you all would love to come hang out with me at my diner and I can call you "hon" and let my cigarette ashes fall in your coffee cup but you won't care because it would be just so much fun, right? Right???

I'm wearing the "Starfruit Retro Top" from Twosome, Fleur's brand spanking new Boutique Lily Shoujo Florence (isn't it teh awesome? you need one or two or several!), booN's BON75 hair in black, G.L.A.M.'s "Lucky" skinny jeans, the Eat Rice Charm Collar II, tattoos by Ink Stain and a custom job, Hanauta's Kiwi thank you ring in silver, and Schadenfreude's Starlust charm bracelet.


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Vidal Tripsa said...

Hang on, "vibrating bed"? I'm not about to let that one slip by uncommented-on. ;P