Monday, May 19, 2008

More Goodness from Mayuki Nozaki

Mayuki Nozaki's "Linda" with bolero

Mayuki Nozaki's "Linda" without bolero

UnTone Quilt's Starlust Picnic Set earrings

Schadenfreude's Starlust Charm Bracelet

Mayuki Nozaki posted notice of a new item, the "Linda" Flower dress, on her blog so of course I had to run out and look at it and by "look at it", I mean "buy it". You'll remember how much I like her work, and "Linda" does not disappoint. It features a full skirt with what appears to be a silk-screened flower and the spaghetti straps support my rather small chest in a most appealing way. The texture is a heavy linen burlap weave and I can imagine wearing this to summer lawn parties. The dress can be worn with or without the sheer white bolero which fastens with a heart button. As always, her work flatters my rather odd shape so imagine it what you can do for you! It is available in 1o (!) colors and you can find it in all of her stores I assume, but here is the slurl for her mainstore in Sokri.

I also picked up a few freebies from the Starlust Motel office which I'm wearing. You can expect more posts shortly about Starlust (I do some of my best work at cheap motels) but for now gaze upon the Schadenfreude Starlust charm bracelet and the UnToneQuilt Starlust Picnic Set earrings.

Other details so you can become a Dot Lane clone:

Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in black
Skin: Fleur Vanilla Deux Parfait 3
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar II
Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui Signature Sandal in white and silver


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