Friday, May 30, 2008

Truth In AV-ertising (Warning: Nude Dot Photo!)

The topic de jour over at Shopping Cart Disco is the appearance of a Flickr group devoted to skinny avs called "Thinspo". This in and of itself might not be problematic, but the pro-eating disorder mentality it fosters is. You've not heard of thinspo? Read this. Now I know what you're saying. You're saying, "But Dot, people can be anything they want in SL." I agree. But do we really need yet more advocacy of unrealistic body images? And that's what bothers me: the active promotion of such an insidiously destructive lifestyle. Go over to Shopping Cart Disco and read Stein Shilova's comment about the effects of eating disorders. What, you're still here? Go!

I suppose the counter argument is that the Thinspo Flickr group will get lost in the tidal wave of pretty skinny girls that inundates us every single day in sl and rl and people are just over-reacting to the latest provocation. Still, I can't let this pass by without comment. I spent so much time coming to terms with my RL body that to have another shape in SL seems almost a betrayal of that effort (please note: I am not saying that my AV looks like me. The phenotype, however, is accurate. I'm *much* cuter in RL.) When I was but a young av, I was asked many many times if I were pregnant and was offered many suggestions about how to be taller, thinner, "prettier". Fuck. That. There is enough cultural bias and bullshit surrounding body images to last us our first lives, second lives, and third through tenth lives. So, here I am, in all my glory, and I'm happy to be me:


CeN said...

Bravo Dot!
This is an important topic and I loved reading your honest and open thoughts on this.

Not only naked but swearing too - you go girl!

Anonymous said...

/me smiles at your picture and smiles even more at your righteous comments... Thank you Dot!

Bella Baroque said...

great post dot! 100% agree with you babe and this whole thing has got me so upset. ugh.... i said enough about it in response to that crap on flickr so i won't go off again, just wanted to say BRAVA! did you see the awesomesauce flickr pic Keiko did in response? there are a few great ones actually. Kota Buck has a good one too. Love you long time you cute lil curvalicious babe you!

EMChartreuse said...

I applaud your righteous exhibitionism!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Dot. I've always wondered a bit about the fantasy bodies that people have in their second lives. What does that tell us about how they feel in their first lives? Keep posting!