Monday, August 20, 2007

Are You Pregnant?

When Dot Lane was but a wee lass in Second Life, she heard the question "are you pregnant?" several times. While I do have a tummy (see above) I certainly don't think it is out of the ordinary. (For those working on their own avs, my belly is set to 23). Someone has since told me that anything over 5 (on a scale going up to 100!) isn't normal in SL. After that early flurry of questions about my health, I have been spending more time around women so I haven't heard it asked for quite a while. I do still think about it however, and the other day I came across a store selling pregnant shapes. I'm starting to believe that the pregnancy question wasn't a backhanded way of saying "hey, you're fat!" but more of a desire that I really were pregnant to satisfy some sort of kink, to which I say "ewwwwwwwwww!" Some people who I have told this story to reply that I can always change my body shape but I think that misses an important point: I'm comfortable in my own SL skin and the tummy stays, unless I join an SL gym.

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EMChartreuse said...

I SO don't get the preggy. Unless it's part of a trash-style, ala Fashion Victim. But I've heard there's a whole baby-lovin SL subculture out there. Icky.

I love the shape of your avi! So weird that someone would complain. Makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmm.