Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Just A Step to the Left

Spent the day fighting lag (quel surprise) and picking various attachments out of my body, where they would mysteriously appear after teleporting--a shoe firmly embedded in my bum, my necklace and ring orbiting my body, and few other unpleasant surprises. Having one's hair suddenly appear between one's legs produces no small amount of anxiety when showing up in a place that rezzes slowly because people can see you, but you can't see them. Doesn't anyone in SL sell razors? Because of this, I never teleport while wearing a bikini. One can't get a toothbrush either, so far as I know, so while people may look fantastic, SL personal hygiene appears to be stuck in the 16th century.

1 comment:

J said...

*Takes note: "Import or make toothbrushes for SL. Free sample to Dot."