Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dot Lane's True SL Dialogue Funnies

Sometimes, although not often, I go to lesbian clubs, where, as a rule, men are not allowed, hence "lesbian club". This doesn't stop guys from appearing of course, but many clubs have security of some sort to help deal with the issue. In clubs with no security, one gets to play security officer. Earlier today I'm at a club and a guy arrives.....

[12:22] Our Heroine: no men...please leave
[12:23] Guy: sorry i used to be a women till i changed my account
[12:23] Our Heroine: okay
[12:23] Our Heroine: you're a guy now then
[12:23] Our Heroine: please leave

Owner of club contacted, who responds:

[12:37] Club Owner: thanks he will get kicked next time he arrives

/me thinks of a strategy

[12:38] Our Heroine: you should TP out and then back are not rezzed

Guy disappears.

[12:46] Guy: hey you kicked me out
[12:46] Our Heroine: me? I don't have that power
[12:47] Guy: really that sucks someone kicked me out i wsnt doing nothing wrong
[12:47] Our Heroine: talk to the owner
[12:47] Our Heroine: I don't know anything
[12:50] Guy: ok who is it do you know
[12:52] Our Heroine: not a clue

Yay for clueless people!

Cleaning Out The Photo Folder

If you're like me, you take photos in SL as a form of shorthand, to help you remember places you might want to take large format photos of later, to show friends something you're talking about when you they can't come and see for themselves, or just for general amusement. While going through my photos, I came across some I'd like to share.

I always thought the sound one made after stepping in poo was "Oh shit!"

Pink Clover's Main Store has lucky boards giving out the big bear and the outfit I am wearing. How cute am I?

Happy Style Mall in Sokri just put out two Japanese photo booths. So fun!

Showing a friend how I look as a redhead.

One doesn't see many cars in SL, so I was standing in the street at the Car Wash sim when suddenly this monster ran me over.

Katy Perry? You may have kissed a girl, but I *killed* a girl while at Fishy Strawberry.
Top that!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Albero and Cioccolata Prize Hunt Means Fun!

Poohta Bailey, my source who keeps me in the loop with what's going on at Albero and Cioccolata (she's the press officer for the two malls) recently sent me notice of the Albero/Cioccolata Fall event, which runs through 8:00 SLT on October 26th. What's the event? Well, it's a hunt with great prizes from some of my favorite stores, including DP YumYum, Bliensen + MaiTai, Hanauta, and Tekuteku, along with many other stores which are completely new to me. You'll find clothes, shoes, furniture, AVs, and many other things. The hunt is time consuming, but ultimately worth while, as you can see from the pics below. Even if you don't do the hunt, I recommend visiting both places just to see the design of the sims and to introduce yourself to some new shops. Head over to Albero to get started!

*TRSKWL* Suicide Commando Halloween

And the pumpkin goes BOOM!, spraying candy everywhere....

Hanauta's more traditional take on the backpack....

Swallowtail Pumpkin Cardigan and Olive Tube Top, Tekuteku hair.....
(Fleur Allure Ivory Kit 2 Skin)

Bliensen + MaiTai Funky Jade Earrings (ring not shown), Tree & Ocean SL Autumn Blossoms Scarf
(Fleur Allure Ivory Kit 2 Skin, booN TOM14 hair)

R2 Kanaloa Stilettos

**DP** yumyum corsage cloche

Alluring Them In

Faithful readers know that I'm a Fleur girl. Why? Because their skins are perfectly suited to my shape. The first Vivant I wore made me light up in a way I didn't think possible, and since that time I've worn almost nothing but Vivants and various Boutique skins. So, as you might imagine, I've been waiting anxiously for new Fleur skin, and my hopes have been fulfilled. The new Fleur line, Allure, was launched last Sunday with a big party at the store. Various Fleur Flickr contest winners modeled new skins (/me waves to Rosie and Aislinn) and I even had one of my pics up on the wall modeling one of the new skins, if you can believe it. I was so happy to see many old and new friends at the launch, all in support of Ros and CJ's hard work.

But you don't want to hear about my social life, you want to know about the skins. First off, I love them. Now I can just hear you. You're saying, "Yeah, but you're friends with Ros, so of course you're gonna say that." Well, maybe. Let me put is this way: I'm buying Allure skins, and I'm recommending Allure skins. I'm putting my money where my perfectly shaped mouth is and my perfectly shaped ass will be on the line if you buy them on my recommendation and don't like them. But funny I should mention the mouth. The new Allure line will require you to modify your shape a little if you are used to the Vivants, primarily because the mouth is slightly different. I think it is based on the Shoujo mouth, but those skins are in much softer tones so the lips aren't as noticeable, whereas some of the Allure makeups really heighten the mouth. If you're like me, you might need to slightly raise the corners of the mouth and make your lower lip a little less full to achieve maximum effect. Other than those minor tweaks, the skins fit my shape just as well as previous releases. Let me also say that the body work on the Allure line is awesome. Did you hear me? Awesome! I'm going to send you over to Grazia Horwitz's blog to read her description of the body, because she sums up everything so nicely, and provides full body pics. /me looks at Grazia's pics and fans herself. The only thing I have to add it that one of the beautiful things about Fleur skins is that they really look like one's underlying musclature is providing shape and definition to the skin, when in reality, as with all skins, it is shading and coloring doing the trick. But Ros has a way of hiding the artifice involved, a rare skill.

What I find most interesting about Allure is that they make me look more mature. (Editor's note: Looks are deceiving, eh Dot?) My default skin for months has been the Vanilla Parfait 2, a skin which brings the cute out like no other. Don't believe me? Check the evidence. Now compare it to the pic below with me in the Allure Ivory Kit 1. I periodically begged Ros for freckles while she was working on these, and she has delivered in a big way: a lovely make-up job which doesn't require me to lose my freckles. For more traditional glamour, look at the Allure Ivory Lounge 3 pic, which is more reminiscent of silent film stars and smoky nightclubs, while the Exotiques are a more modern take on high fashion. There are many many more makeups available, so head to Fleur and start looking around. I promise you'll find something you like.

Now that I've drooled all over Fleur, I'm adding Ornamental Life to the short list of things I can't be rational about. About a month ago I received a FashCon notice about new lingerie from Ornamental Life. Now, I knew the name, but I had never been to the store, so I clicked on a few of the pics on the notecard. Five seconds later I had TPed to the store, and was stuffing my virtual shopping bag with lingerie. Why? That's a good question. There is no accounting for personal taste, but the designs and colors speak to me and, in my humble opinion, are tremendously flattering to my shape. While I was taking the photos below, a group gift appeared from Ornamental Life, and that's the gown in the final pic you see below. How cool is that? The link I've provided is for the Ornamental Boudoir, dedicated to lingerie, and you can find a cute opening gift there, or you can check the Ornamental Life main store.

Hair, as usual, is from booN. You need booN hair. The power of Dot compels you!

And now the pics:

Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Lounge 3
Hair: booN KAR07 in black
Lingerie: Ornamental Life Flower War "Clover In Your Hair"

Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Exotique 3
Hair: booN KAR07 in black
Lingerie: Ornamental Life Antoinette Whirls "Down The Pier"

Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Vampy (opening party gift)
Hair: booN MOM55
Lingerie: Ornamental Life Remembering Chloe "Yang"

Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Kit 1
Hair: booN DOT742
Lingerie: Ornamental Life Into White "With A Touch Of Destiny" (Boudoir opening gift)
Necklace: artilleri High Roller (no longer available)

Skin: Fleur Allure Ivory Kit 1
Hair: booN KRC02
Gown: Ornamental Life Doll Theory (Halloween group gift)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dot Lane Gives It Out For Free

Just a quick note to let everyone know that if they see me wearing my collar from now until Halloween, they can click it to get a prize--either a bowl of candy that hands out candy when you click it or the craptacular "Dot Lane Girl Reporter" t-shirt. I know which one I'd want to get!

I have a few longer posts coming up: new Fleur skins, the Albero/Cioccolata mall hunt wrap-up, and other good things. So stay tuned, and remember when you click me, keep it above the chest, okay?

Oh--the Tekuteku Hat and Hair and Swallowtail sweater are both from the Albero hunt, the skin is a Fleur Parfait, and I'm also wearing my trusty Eat Rice! collar.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet More Newness From Fleur

I love freckles, and the Fleur Allure Kit 3 in Ivory doesn't disappoint. The hair is booN, the necklace is from Bliensen + MaiTai, and the dress is a CKS Designs Essential Sweater Dress. So many of my favorite things wrapped up in one look! A big big thank you to Ros Petion of Fleur.....

New Allure Skins At Fleur

Ros kindly sent me some of the new Allure skins before they were released and I shot a few photos of them. This photo was on display at the Fleur reopening party this afternoon--I can't tell you how flattered I was. This the Allure Kitten 3 with hair from booN.

Allure Skins Now At Fleur

This is the Fleur Allure Ivory Exotique 3. Ros and CJ have done a phenomenal job with the body details on these skins--just look at those collarbones. Hey! I said the *collarbones*!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dot Lane's Saturday Morning Video Jukebox Part 3

Sleater-Kinney "You're No Rock and Roll Fun"

I was 15 when I received a copy of "Dig Me Out", courtesy of a friend who traveled a little more widely than the small Vermont town I grew up in. It absolutely blew me away and Sleater-Kinney has stayed one of my favorite bands since that time.

Dot Lane's Saturday Morning Video Jukebox Part 2

The Shop Assistants "I Will Never Be Friends With You"

One of the best kiss-off songs ever.

Dot Lane's Saturday Morning Video Jukebox Part 1

Camper Van Beethover "The Ambiguity Song"

One of my brother's favorite bands, and a song whose words I keep thinking about as we get closer to the election.


Originally uploaded by xo GLAM BOA xo
Glam and I are twins--she obviously got the looks in the family and I got the, well, I got nothin'. Bama was smart enough not to try to make it triplets.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Of These Cheerleaders Is Not Like The Others

The AD Cheer Squad: Cajsa Lilliehook, Foxee Camilo, Dot Lane, Sasy Scarborough, Raina Guru, Aleri Darkes, Hannah Astonia

Sasy Scarborough TPed me to Digit Darkes where Aleri has created the Sugar 'N' Spice Cheerleading set: for 500L each you can get the Sugar or Spice set. Each set has 5 skin tones, 5 colors of hair, a cheerleader outfit, color changing pompoms, two cheer poses, and an emoter for flashing your brightest cheerleader smile. Did I mention there is blood? Oh yeah, you can be the evil cheerleader of your dreams! Bwah hah hah hah! Now I hear everyone asking: "But're a short chubby pasty did you get to pose with all of those beautiful women?" All I can say is thank God for affirmative action!

p.s. it is my birthday today, so this was a wonderful present.....thank you Sasy and Aleri!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Occupational Hazard

Overheard while shopping:

[16:23] Escort: hmmm it says i dropped my nipples on the ground. how do i get them back

[16:23] Hunk: if you see them, you can pick em up

[16:23] Escort: i don't see them

[16:24] Hunk: i think they will be returned to yu when you leave

[16:24] Escort: ok