Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dot Lane's True SL Dialogue Funnies

Sometimes, although not often, I go to lesbian clubs, where, as a rule, men are not allowed, hence "lesbian club". This doesn't stop guys from appearing of course, but many clubs have security of some sort to help deal with the issue. In clubs with no security, one gets to play security officer. Earlier today I'm at a club and a guy arrives.....

[12:22] Our Heroine: no men...please leave
[12:23] Guy: sorry i used to be a women till i changed my account
[12:23] Our Heroine: okay
[12:23] Our Heroine: you're a guy now then
[12:23] Our Heroine: please leave

Owner of club contacted, who responds:

[12:37] Club Owner: thanks he will get kicked next time he arrives

/me thinks of a strategy

[12:38] Our Heroine: you should TP out and then back are not rezzed

Guy disappears.

[12:46] Guy: hey you kicked me out
[12:46] Our Heroine: me? I don't have that power
[12:47] Guy: really that sucks someone kicked me out i wsnt doing nothing wrong
[12:47] Our Heroine: talk to the owner
[12:47] Our Heroine: I don't know anything
[12:50] Guy: ok who is it do you know
[12:52] Our Heroine: not a clue

Yay for clueless people!


Annyka Bekkers said...

You are made of 100% solid WIN!

CronoCloud said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh yeah, that's just so cool.