Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cleaning Out The Photo Folder

If you're like me, you take photos in SL as a form of shorthand, to help you remember places you might want to take large format photos of later, to show friends something you're talking about when you they can't come and see for themselves, or just for general amusement. While going through my photos, I came across some I'd like to share.

I always thought the sound one made after stepping in poo was "Oh shit!"

Pink Clover's Main Store has lucky boards giving out the big bear and the outfit I am wearing. How cute am I?

Happy Style Mall in Sokri just put out two Japanese photo booths. So fun!

Showing a friend how I look as a redhead.

One doesn't see many cars in SL, so I was standing in the street at the Car Wash sim when suddenly this monster ran me over.

Katy Perry? You may have kissed a girl, but I *killed* a girl while at Fishy Strawberry.
Top that!

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Anonymous said...

awww, what did she ever do to you? I hope the blood stains came out...