Thursday, August 30, 2007

Surf's Up

My friend, the lovely GL, took me to an amusement park at Long Beach recently and it seemed like an ideal place to snap a few photos. Long Beach has all kinds of rides, including a flume ride, a train, and an elephant which juggles and breathes fire. I highly recommend it if you have some Second Life time to kill.

The first photo finds me working in the lemonade stand (what you see is me standing inside a lemon which has been split in two), the second posing with surfboards. The dress in the top photo is from Ingenue, which makes lovely retro inspired clothing (look for another post soon featuring Ingenue) and the bikini in the bottom photo is CKS Design's Bitsy model. The star tattoos were a custom job, for those of you who have asked.

Click photos to enlarge.

Ingenue "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" in Grass Green
(Photo at: Long Beach Carnival and Amusement Park)

CKS Designs "Bitsy" bikini

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