Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Can't Handle The Cute!

Aoharu "Brilliant Fairy" Skirt and acetone "mutual liberty" tank

Bliensen + Mai Tai "Bliensen + Stars Bottletop Earrings and Bottletop Necklace"

Bliensen + Mai Tai "Bliensen + Stars Choker"

So I haven't written a post since showing my naked AV to the world a few days ago (and thanks everyone for your kind comments) but I've felt the need to get back to my roots. That's right--it's time for a heaping helping of cute! I haven't been shopping much of late but I found myself at Aoharu the day their recent sale ended (and by "found myself", I mean teleported as quickly as possible when I suddenly realized the sale was going to end and I HADN'T BOUGHT ANYTHING) where these "Brilliant Fairy" skirts called out to me, saying how much they longed to caress my thighs. Wait. That was that creepy guy at the sex mall. But anyway, the skirts called out to me saying "Buy us Dot! Buy us!". Now this presented a dilemma, because after my recent post about body image, it was very difficult to bring myself to buy a "fatpack" of anything. Perhaps designers who refuse to take the "Dot Lane Design Challenge" will start referring to them as "dotpacks", which gets the point across but also honors my awesomeness. If not dotpacks, "junk-in-the-trunk-packs," "chunkpacks," and "wide load packs" may also work. If the packs are really big, like those from a certain designer friend of mine whose name I won't mention because I love her to death, you could call them "morbidly obese packs", which is how someone referred to the package containing her entire fall collection. Anyway, long story short, I'm wearing an Aoharu Brilliant Fairy skirt in the pics above.

Now, despite what you may have seen in this very blog, a girl can't just wear a skirt, so I dug out one of my favorite tanktops from acetone. But something was missing.....accessories!

Earlier today I received a FashCon notice from Bliensen + MaiTai. Now I don't know about you, but the FashCon notices have been coming in too fast and furious for poor Dot Lane to keep up, and, as such, I'm usually about a week behind the SL style curve which is like being stuck in the 1970s in RL--time moves just that fast in SL. Still, I opened this notice and when I saw the word "bottletop" I clicked the link to the pic, because ever since she was a young girl Dot Lane has been a habitual collector of small things she found on the ground like buttons, pennies, bottle caps, bits of wire. I blame my mother, who introduced me to the works of Joseph Cornell when I was young, and I always thought I could do one of his collage boxes. I can't. In any case, I saw the pic of the bottletop necklace and fell into immediate lust. I hopped over to the store where I met the charming owner/designer, Plurabelle Laszlo. Let me just tell you that this is some of the cutest jewelry you will find in SL. It is beautifully detailed, whimsical, and it just satisfies Dot Lane's inner child, who would otherwise be stuffing herself with ice cream. I'm wearing the bottletop earrings and necklace and I just love them. Plurabelle also has chokers and various other bits and bobs that just scream "cute" especially if you squeeze them really hard. If you're feeling skint, pick up the star choker you see in the bottom pic for 1L. As I'm sure you've noticed, I love me some stars. In any case, be sure to check out Plurabelle's store!

Dot Lane is also wearing:

Hair: booN's KAR07 in black
Skin: Fleur Boutique Vanilla Parfait 2
Shoes: Tesla "Leather Vixens" in cherry


Gonzoknitting said...

The art historian in me is cheering for your reference of Joseph Cornell. The 10 year-old in me is kicking my shins for not getting that jewelry set.
-Nikkita Auerbauch

Bella Baroque said...

"junk-in-the-trunk packs" yes!!! luff that idea, hehehe. i love your cute roots, great post! *boops you on the nosey*