Friday, June 6, 2008

Sasy Make Me Pretty!

This is another blog post being released from the backlog queue, this time from 5/21/2008. No slurls, of course, since the grid is down but if you really really really can't find something, just IM me. Hell, IM me anyway. I'm probably just sitting in my ice cream chair (really--it is chair that seats four that is a big bowl of ice cream) in my apartment at Extropia and would welcome someone actually talking to me.

Dot Lane, Dressed For Action!

Dot Lane, Dressed For Car Washing!

Dot Lane, Ready For Her Close Up!

Sasy Scarborough gave me a gift yesterday, the "Determined" outfit from Digit Darkes, which is perfect for a dramatic entrance into the boudoir or just wearing around town to wash your car. Okay, it's perfect for enticing some poor sap to wash your car for you, not that I would ever use my feminine wiles to get anyone to do anything for me, unless you feel like giving me a shoebox full of lindens in which case I just loosened the robe and leaned in a little towards you so you can smell my perfume. /me coos sweetly and bats her eyelashes at you, then promptly trips over the train and falls down. I'm just not a very convincing femme fatale am I? Still, since I know my readers are full of femmeness and fataleness, there are going to be lot of guys (and girls) succumbing to the charms of this outfit. Head over and check it out and tell them Dot Lane sent you!

Dressed For Action!

Outfit: Digit Darkes "Determined"
Ring: Hanauta Kiwi Ring
Shoes: Minx "Sweet as Sin" stilettos
Collar: Eat Rice Charm Collar 2
Skin: Fleur Boutique Lily Shoujo Lady Edwina
Hair: booN KRCO2 in black
Tattoos: Belly stars, custom; chest tattoo, Ink Stain "Multi Star"

Dressed for washing the car:

Shirt: Sheer Shift Plain Black Top
Pants: CKS Designs Beat trousers
Hanauta Kiwi Ring
Minx Sweet as Sin Stilettos
Eat Rice Charm Collar 2
Fleur Boutique Lily Shoujo Lady Edwina
booN KRCO2 in black
custom belly tattoo
Chest Tattoo: Ink Stain "Multi Star"


chestnut rau said...

I always find myself laughing IRL when I read your posts Dot. Your blog is most entertaining.

Sasy Scarborough said...

OMG that was so awesome , you really rock Dot, so fun and entertaining, I was lucky I wasn't trying to drink something how when you leant in lol.

love youuuu

xox Sasy xox