Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dot Lane Is Deeply Honored

Sometimes the nicest things happen when one least expects it. Yesterday was a blah day, the kind of day where you sit at your lousy SL job tapping the desk, praying for the clock to move. It doesn't of course, because maintenance hasn't changed the battery and even if they had, they still wouldn't have moved it forward for daylight savings time. So, the clock wasn't going tick tick tick and the FashCon notices were dribbling in drip drip drip. It was a slow day in the newsroom of Dot Lane, Girl Reporter. And then, suddenly, a FashCon notice from Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen+MaiTai shot in over the transom. You will remember that Plurabelle made the awesome bottle cap necklace I posted about last week. I sat up straight in my chair, thrilled that there would be new goodness at her store. Then I read the notecard and noticed this:

New for sale : Dedicated to Achariya Maktoum und Dot Lane - for the first two reviews I ever got - you both made me blush :) - Shooting Stars - Earrings and Necklace

Dot Lane? That's me! I rushed off to Bliensen+MaiTai to see the new goodies in full size. A few seconds after I rezzed, Plurabelle tped in and I said hello and quickly bought the Shooting Stars Necklace and it is awesome:

The Shooting Stars Necklace from Bliensen+MaiTai

Plurabelle said that she knew I liked stars so she made this. I can't tell you how flattering that is! Who's blushing now? I teamed up Shooting Stars with star earrings made for me by my friend the lovely and talented Val Kendal of Valhalla Beach Designs, which are available at SLX and Onrez. Val made me a mismtached pair of green and red stars, the same as my belly tattoos. She's a sweetheart. The dress is "My Little Black Dress" from Goth1c0, the hair is booN's KAR07 in black, and the skin is Fleur's Vivant Blush Dig Ophelia 3.

Shooting Stars should be on special sale for $200L for at least six or seven more hours after this is posted--jet on over to Bliensen and check it out along with other tempting merchandise.

There was one piece of business left unfinished: I had to meet Achariya Maktoum, who, after all, shares co-muse honors with yours truly. I sent her an IM and suggested we meet to take of few pictures of us wearing our necklaces. She hadn't seen the FashCon notice, so she immediately jumped to buy it and I met her outside the store to take a few pics. Achariya writes a blog which you all should read (you can get all the details of her outfit) and is sweet as pie. Aren't we quite the pair? We look a little stand-offish in the pics, but that's not the case at all. We're both thrilled to be honored in such a way. Thank you again Plurabelle!

Dot Lane Admiring Achariya Maktoum's New Shooting Stars Necklace above and below

/me Sighs, She Won't Even Look At Me!

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