Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Totally Dig It

If you love me and worship the ground I walk on, you will remember my trip to Since I only know of one person who meets that description (and I think she is crazy, to be honest, so she can't really be held accountable for her actions*) you can refresh your memories here.

What I didn't realize when I visited was that there was also a flea market going on just across the street. Now, the Mobile Factory flea market actually may have been put up after my visit since usually I can smell a freebie a sim away--I'm not quite sure how I would have missed a giant outdoor market with tables labeled "free". In any case, I poked around the flea market. So what did I find? Well, I found the lovely freebie floral shirt from fashion brand QueenQueen that you see below paired with the awesome new Fleur Vivant Dig Ophelia Skin. How sweet is the beauty dot on my cheek? Okay, okay, beauty mark. I'm also wearing some booN hair and that too cute bottletop necklace from Bliensen in the bottom pic. I also found a number of other freebies, mostly objects that no doubt will appear in future blog posts after I figure out what they hell they are--I really need to change the Japanese names on these things to English so I can find them again.

QueenQueen Kimono Tops Green and Fleur's Vivant Blush Dig Ophelia 1

QueenQueen Black High Neck Tops and Fleur's Vivant Blush Dig Ophelia 3

*Ahem. As a note to all my friends, I should state that this sentence is what is known as comic exaggeration, so don't try to figure out if you're that friend. You all love me, and you're all crazy.


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Bella Baroque said...

now, i was the only one who commented on are you mocking me master? i mean your majesty? i mean your honor...uh..... nevermind *blushes*