Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introducing Flanner March

For some reason, Dot has very graciously opened up her blog to a new guest poster: me! I'm 95% certain she'll come to regret it, but until then, I thought I'd introduce myself to her lovely readers.

I've been in SL since late 2006 and have absolutely no skills beyond dressing myself and decorating my house. If you don't believe me, I made a hideous, monstrous couch-like thing I'd be willing to show you. I'm interested in things that are a little out of the ordinary, that are unique and well-made. My style (and my hair color) changes with my mood, and I'm constantly in search of that perfect piece. I also love unique poses - I like the poses in my photographs to be slightly awkward, slightly wrong.

(OMG there's a commercial on right now for a show about puppy weddings. Is that not the sickest thing you've ever heard?)

I have a blog that I never update and a small but growing collection of photographs on Flickr. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and seeing what I can contribute to this awesome blog.

Flanner March


I'm so thrilled Flanner has agreed to be an occasional contributor (and by occasional I mean I hope she posts as often as she can): she's here because she has a wonderful sense of style and a point of view I wanted more people to read. I met her months ago, and was immediately struck by her name, influenced as it is by the idea of the flaneur, and our first conversation revealed her to be intellectually stimulating in addition to her cute-as-a-buttoness. I'm glad she's here, and we look forward to presenting more of our wanderings to you in coming months.

Dot Lane


Vidal Tripsa said...

Welcome aboard, Miss March! Right enough, "Girl Reporter" is positively drowning in cute looks now.

olivia connaught said...

I've been in SL since late 2006 and have absolutely no skills beyond dressing myself and decorating my house

HA! those are my only skills as well and my adequateness at the former is pretty debatable. :D have fun blogging!

August said...

YAY! Welcome Flanner! And I second Olivia in the sad cry for uselessness in SL. Beyond my blog, which I'm probably the weakest link, I have little purpose in SL other than being a mis-matched eye-sore and sending the creator's children to college with the ridiculous i spend at their stores. I digress....ANYwho, glad to have ya here and lookin forward to the shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

Ahh what a nice addition to your blog! Welcome Flanner- as always I'm looking for greatness and cuteness from you.