Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Dot Lane Shouldn't Have A Job

Yet Another Accident In The Work Place

It's expensive living in SL, so occasionally I try to find gainful employment suitable for my talents. As a writer with an advanced university degree, this means low-wage jobs like working at Flop Dog, selling donuts , doing community service work, cooking at an Asian food stand, or holding down the frozen lemonade stand, (the cooking at the Asian food stand post is my favorite job--be sure to check it out) while trying to write the Great Second Life® novel. What you see above is my latest job, packing boxes at a factory. Unfortunately, as you can see, it didn't work out. First, I don't think Maitreya stilettos are OSHA approved for the factory floor, nor is my fab red dress from CKS Designs. Second, Dot Lane shouldn't be allowed near machinery of any kind because, well, just because. If there had been security video at the factory I think it would have looked something like this:

Speaking of work, I visited my friend Trinny Mizin a few days ago (Trinny makes awesome sexy shoes--go to her store Hmmm......New Shoes and find out for yourself) and hopped up on a dance pole in her studio--chatting with someone while pole dancing is better than just standing around, in my opinion, especially when one is trying to figure out what to wear to audition as an exotic dancer. That's right: Dot Lane is going to be taking off her clothes for money. I've been told that improving one's asset allocation is one key to making money. What's that? Asset allocation doesn't mean showing off your assets in the right locations? Oh...ummm....never mind. No stripping for me. Still, you can enjoy the picture that Trinny took of me. Since my sugar mama hasn't materialized, I'm still looking for gainful employment in-world. If anyone knows good places to take pics of myself working awful jobs, leave a comment.

Would You Tip That A**? Hey! I Said Tip, Not Hit!

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Whatcha Eaton said...

Remember Dot: it's not how well you do your job, it's how good you look when you're doing your job. I should think the application of a non-skid floor would make most places "stiletto safe."