Friday, April 11, 2008

Time To Make The Donuts

I'm Sooooooooo Lonely

What Could Be Better Than A Giant Cruller And A Smoke?


So I spent some time today working my day job at Chise's Donuts Shop. What's that? You think being SL's 1872nd most popular blogger pays the bills? Hells no! I sell donuts which are "Delicious! Lovely! and Happy!!!", qualities which are inversely present in me when I'm working the counter. Still, I never know when a modeling agent is going to find me and take me away from my crappy job. A girl can always dream.....

Dot Lane Will Keep Eating Donuts And Soon Won't Be Able To Wear:

Track Suit: Shop 141 "Imojya" custom made.
Sunglasses: Mokoptical, gift at store.
Skin: Fleur Vanilla Deux Parfait 3
Hair: ETD "Davina II"

More crappy jobs I've had here and here.

1 comment:

Lorna Lubitsch said...

well, miss lane...

i always thought you had tremendous potential as a virtual supermodel and i am offering to manage you again, officially here and now. just contact me to sign this little contract, please
(/me thinks back to that one airborne located 'fashionshow' she saw you on that 'runway', shakes head, and waves with that contract...)

lorna lubitsch