Monday, April 7, 2008

Ladies Who Fish

Ladies Who Fish from left to right: Tril, Kit, CC, Phay, Dot, Ros

Sunset on the Dock L to R: Dot, Phay, CC, Kit, Tril

Kit asked me to go fishing last night so I of course said "okay" without really knowing what to expect. Considering one of the last things she had me do was let her twirl me around and then toss me into the SL ocean like a hammer thrower at the Olympics (an animation that has to be seen to be believed) I could only imagine what "fishing" would entail. It turns out it was a lovely evening on the dock, casting and catching a variety of aquatic and non-aquatic life. The fishing is quite clever really: you have a pole and buy a bucket of bait, which is good for 100 casts. You then cast your line. Sometimes you catch fish, which you can then keep as pets (you'll notice them swimming about our heads), sometimes you catch bikinis you can wear, or old tires or other junk. More importantly, it's a good time to just sit still and shoot the breeze.

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly (click the picture) but I'm wearing the new "Vanity" skin from Fleur, and no, I wasn't wearing it just because Ros was sitting next to me. I'm wearing it because it is beautiful and I hope to do some closeup pics soon so you all can fall in love with it as well.



Vidal Tripsa said...

Since we got 7seas in Extropia back in about February, I think, there's been barely a day gone by without somebody hoisting cute sea turtles and questionably-gained (but nevertheless cool) swimwear out of those oceans. Such stuff really does make one's seaside wardrobe blush, though! Can't go fishing in my best heels or a glittery frock.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having fun. Yay! :D Thanks for blogging up 7Seas! I've crosslinked here: