Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Am I That Transparent?

Shift Dress by Sheer, "Kit" Boots by Jaywalk

Sheer Shift Dress, Showing the Asymmetrical Top

Careful readers will notice that I haven't posted in many days, which has led to questions about my well being. I suppose the easiest answer is that I appear to be going through my in world mid-life crisis which was spurred on by the coming of Spring in RL, an event which always makes me lazy. I know you all love the blog (or love to hate the blog) and I enjoy writing it, but, every now and again, I think I should be doing more with the time I spend here. The question is what? I'm no model, that's for sure, and my design skills are rudimentary. I may try making some clothes, but that's a dicey proposition. It makes a girl question her very existence.

On the other hand, my friend Sh sent me a new dress she made, a dress that makes me happy in all kinds of ways. Sh is the genius behind Sheer, which has lovely stockings and tights--you know, the ones that are available in pristine and ravished--and a few dresses and odds and ends. Her new shift dress is all kinds of sexy, taking her love of, well, sheer fabrics, and making something gauzy and shimmery and summery. This is a dress which requires some undergarments unless you're looking to attract attention. Unfortunately the only time I get attention is for being drunk and disorderly, so this dress won't help me, but just think about what it can do for you!

If you're going to wear it without a bra you can always double a shirt/jacket layer which just hints at see through (see the turquoise) or you can always pretend you didn't notice when you put it on: "You can see my nipples? Well I'll be damned!" You can also just be an idiot like me and wear a see through bra as well (see the white dress pics). The best part of the dress is its kinetic nature. It flows around you, changing colors, opacity, and generally making you feel light. The dress comes with a tank style top and an asymmetrical top on all layers.

I've added a pair of the "Kit" boots from Jaywalk, and the awesome new hair from booN. How can you not love booN hair? Finally, the skin is the Vivant Blush Vanity from Fleur which is only available until tomorrow. If you don't get it now, you'll kick yourself so do yourself a favor and get out and shop.

Details, details:

Dress: Shift Dress by Sheer
Boots: "Kit" by Jaywalk
Skin: Fleur Vivant Blush Vanity (only available through April--hurry!)
Hair: "MOM55" by booN
Bra: from the "Baby Doll" set by CKS Designs (shown with black dress)
Bracelets: "Full Circle Triple Platinum" by Ame True, "Bangles" by Bossa Nova
Collar: "Charm Collar II" by Eat Rice
Tattoo: "Multi Star Tattoo" by Ink Stain


CronoCloud said...

Yay, more Dot kyootness.

Vidal Tripsa said...

Dahlink, you look delightful. It's lovely to hear from you again, too. I may not be able to shop due to cashflow issues at the moment, but the white dress here has me sorely tempted.