Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fishing For Compliments

Mayuki Nozaki Miki blue dress

7 Seas Black Bikini

I've done some more fishing and decided to model the new dress from Mayuki Nozaki while doing it, thus justifying my shopping and fishing addictions simultaneously. I've raved previously about Mayuki Nozaki's "Dot Dress Reira" (not named after me--I'm still waiting for some designer to take the "name an outfit after Dot Lane" challenge) so when I heard she had a new freebie dress at her store I rushed right over. I wasn't disappointed. The "Miki" dress has a beautiful texture and the scarf lends a certain jauntiness.

The second picture shows some of the treasures I've pulled out of the sea while fishing. One of the fun aspects of the 7 Seas fishing game from Seven's Selections is the sheer variety of things one catches: fish, of course, are most common, but one also gets tires, boots, hats (I'm wearing one), bikinis (ditto), and a host of other things, including some that can be combined into more useful objects, like the oceanography database you see me holding above, which keeps track of the fish one has caught. You can also rez the fish you've caught. I have a Tiger Shark moving around my head, along with a blonde scuba girl, and a starfish on my shoulder. Since you can name your new pets, I've christened her "Sea Whore Barbie". Hey--you didn't think my fishing would be completely wholesome did you?

Other Details:
Skin: Fleur Boutique Vanilla Parfait 2
Hair: ETD "Davina II"
Shoes: Baby Monkey pumps
Tattoo (Chest): Ink Stain "Multi Star"
Tattoo (Belly): custom job
Sunglasses: Mokoptical


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Anonymous said...

"Sea Whore Barbie"? Wow, and I thought I was mean for calling them "My Scubitches". ;)

Thanks for blogging up 7Seas! I've crosslinked here: http://jenshikami.livejournal.com/13893.html