Sunday, November 18, 2007

Urban Decay And Pretty Pretty Clothes

Dot Lane, Working Her Shift At The Flop Dog Trailer

Yes, Selling Hot Dogs Is A Thrill A Minute

I Knew I Shouldn't Have Worked In Exchange For Hot Dogs!

I worked a shift (a shift being about five minutes--you know how SL time passes much faster than in other places) last night at the Flop Dog Trailer in the Fashion Victim HQ sim, which is visually stunning and filled with great shopping. While selling hot dogs reminded me of my early SL days when I would encounter hordes of men walking around without their trousers, it was worth it to have the chance to look around the sim later on and to participate in the treasure hunt several of the merchants (Punch Drunk, Corduroy, Philotic Energy, Decollage, Thimbles, Bebe, Pudge--I hope I've credited all the stores who participated) had created to celebrate the grand opening. I will be modeling some of the cool things I picked up in future blog posts. I love the fact that the sim is kind of foggy, kind of rainy, and very decrepit--all I can think of is paper mills and the Pacific Northwest. And yes, I'd move in if they let me.

View from a rooftop:

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Creamy Cooljoke said...

I didn't have much success at Fashion Victim :(

My longest time without crash was 5 minutes. I did manage to pick up a couple of items though.