Friday, November 2, 2007

Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Dot Lane and IzzyBelle Lane at the Sh*t Happens Release Party--I Love Her Cherry

I headed over to Sh*t Happens today because Ana Boogiewoogie has released some fun new styles and was having a party to celebrate. Lo and behold, across the room I saw a cupcake with my name on it! Well, not my full name, but certainly my last name. Intrigued (and a little hungry) I headed over and introduced myself. IzzyBelle Lane proved to be delightful and full of knowledge about frosting and whipped cream and other delights. Unfortunately the cupcake was given away as a group gift for Devilish Cupcake and is no longer available--I had wanted to jump out of a cake for my birthday and this seems to be the closest equivalent in SL. In any case, I was pleased to meet her because we Lane sisters (we should be a 1940s vocal group) need to stick together and with all of that frosting, it is highly likely that we will.

1 comment:

Izzy said...

here's to our next sugared meeting!

cheers :o)