Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Can Dress Her Up, But You Can't Take Her Out

New Dress, New Skin, New Nails, Same Old Trash

A Close Up

A Better View of the Dress

I cleaned out my inventory and thought I would pose on the bags full of clothes I am getting rid of. I know, I know, there are people out there who could use these clothes, but honestly, do you really want to wear the things that couldn't make even my low standards for fashion? So goodbye free black thongs, chain bikinis, blinky shoes that make it impossible to sneak up on people in the dark, bright red lingerie, and crappy jewelry. I'm not sure how you survived this long in my overstuffed closet but out with the old and in with the new!

Speaking of new, I'm wearing new skin, a new dress, new hair, and new nails. I know, I know, how can a girl with no apparent means of support afford such things? Well, I'm a high class escort who sells crack on the side. Ha! Made you think, didn't I? Honestly, how much money do you think a newb would pay to see me naked? On second thought, don't answer that--just send me the money and maybe *you* can see me naked!*

In any case, I'm wearing a Tete a Pied skin, the Vivant Blush Pin-Up 3 (which suffers a little since I couldn't get the lighting quite right) and a dress from PixelDolls, the "Bonney" in Citron. PixelDolls has released a number of wonderful new items recently and I'm amazed at how flattering this dress is on me. The Molly Ringwald hair is a group gift from Truth--the "Perry"--in carrot. It's made for men, if you can believe that. The black fingernails are from Sin Skins, which has a pearl hunt going on--you can find 12 pearls with free items throughout their sim.

*The exchange of money is only for personal companionship and no actual nudity is promised or implied. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency, well, good for you! Offer not valid in Second Life.

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Vidal Tripsa said...

The good Resident in me is applauding your fine effort in easing your inventory load, and wishes you luck with the cleaner, leaner wardrobe. On the other hand, the doll in me is appalled to see so many clothes go to waste. I am useless when it comes to economising dresses.

The pervert in me, however, is fixated by the other part of this article. Yay, moral corruption! *Wink*