Friday, November 2, 2007

The Seasons Change

Dot and Eagle Huddling For Warmth In Misty Acres

My friend Eagle invited me over for a visit today and said, "Dress warmly," which isn't something one hears often in SL. But now that Halloween and the harvest are over, winter will sweep down on many of us and when I TPed into Misty Acres I found a winter wonderland. Misty Acres is an amazing sim created by Tindallia Soothsayer which contains an amusement park and other delights. Best of all, it is covered with glorious snow which allows me to show off my new winter coat (part of the "Beat" outfit, from CKS Designs) and gloves and muffler which match the hat which comes with Calla's "Begonia" model hair. I'm standing with Eagle, Tindy's wife, on the bridge over the skating pond. Her cloak has to be seen to be believed--I half expected her to offer me some Turkish Delight. If you see Eagle around Misty Acres, be sure to say hi. She will help make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

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BellaBaroque said...

WOW! You look HOT....and i dont mean because you are all bundled