Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pirouettes and Faux Pas de Deux

Ballet Boots and a Leotard

I've never been mistaken for a ballerina: we short round girls generally aren't seen as good candidates for Swan Lake. Remember the Dance of the Hippos in Fantasia?

This hasn't stopped me from pretending however, and you see me above in a free leotard from Pixel Dolls and the amazing Ballet Heels from Fairlight. CA was kind enough to buy the ballet boots for me, which was incredibly generous of her. They're beautifully made and have a wonderful locking mechanism and supposedly work with Lockmeister bondage equipment but I've not tried that feature yet. In any case, if you see me tripping around SL in them, say hello, and be sure to offer a shoulder to lean on. The skin is the awesome Mellie from Blowpop! Check out the Blowpop blog Lick, Don't Bite for more information.

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