Saturday, November 17, 2007

IMs, I Get IMs, Part 2

How I Might Appear If You Were Kneeling At My Feet--Scary!

I can see that the random IM conversations I have are going to become a regular feature on the blog. I was out today with a friend who was doing some shopping at a BDSM mall (and no, this isn't one of those things where the “friend” is really me, like when you hear someone at the drugstore trying to find something embarrassing: “Hi, um, a friend asked me to pick up, some, um, anal wart cream.”) and I received an IM. Now, as you know, I don't get many unsolicited IMs so I have a morbid fascination in seeing how they play out. I also wasn't wearing anything particularly interesting at this point in time, certainly nothing that should trigger the following exchange:

[12:01] Guy Unclear on the Concept: helo Domme

(first, my name is Dot, not Domme)

[12:01] Dot Lane: yes?

[12:01] Guy Unclear on the Concept: are you a DOmme? i admire strong women

[12:02] Dot Lane: I am a strong woman, yes

(but not a domme--the two things aren't mutually exclusive)

[12:02] Guy Unclear on the Concept: i am more of a follower :(

(why the sad face? where would leaders be without followers?)

[12:02] Guy Unclear on the Concept: i tried to lead, but its hard

(well, yes, of course it is, that's why there are more followers than leaders)

[12:02] Guy Unclear on the Concept: i dont know how ppl manage it

(Being a leader is a great burden. You're always being asked to stand at the head of the line and invade countries which pose no threat to you)

[12:02] Dot Lane: you are born that way Berry

(I don't want to get into nature versus nurture, but it seemed like a good answer at the time)

[12:02] Guy Unclear on the Concept: oh

[12:02] Guy Unclear on the Concept: is that bad?

[12:03] Dot Lane: it depends on one's perspective

(This is always a good non-answer answer.)

[12:03] Guy Unclear on the Concept: can i go leadership courses? or is it mostly meaningless for me?

(What am I, a career counselor?)

[12:03] Dot Lane: it depends on what type of leading you are trying to do

(I usually lead horses to water AND make them drink.)

[12:03] Guy Unclear on the Concept: true

(Of course it is true.)

[12:03] Guy Unclear on the Concept: i feel safe near strong women

(Uh oh, here it comes.)

[12:03] Guy Unclear on the Concept: embarressing :)

(at this point, clueless kneels at my feet)

[12:04] Guy Unclear on the Concept: its lke being kept in a leash and collar


[12:04] Dot Lane: I'm not sure I follow you

[12:04] Dot Lane: why is it embarrassing?

(Why is it embarrassing?)

[12:04] Guy Unclear on the Concept: well, men are supposed to be stronger

(He didn't just say that did he?)

[12:04] Dot Lane: what nonsense

(No comment needed.)

[12:05] Dot Lane: stronger how? physically?

(I was kind of curious where this going.)

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: oh i mean, better leaders

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: physically too

(Ohhhhh....mentally AND physically! Well now don't I feel special?)

[12:05] Dot Lane: men are supposed to be better leaders? where did you get that idea?

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: from history

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: and books

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: but i apologize if i am wrong

(Way to sell your position! I mean, you have books and history on your side...surely you can support your argument with something! But, sure, hey, "history" and "books" {except for my friend Books} are wrong. So sayeth Dot Lane!)

[12:05] Guy Unclear on the Concept: i hope you are not angry, Maam

(Maam? And I'm not angry, but highly amused. Have you noticed how close "Maam" is to "naan"? I love Indian food. You want to win my heart? Rub my tummy and feed me naan to start.)

[12:06] Dot Lane: I don't care one way or another Berry

(Why would I get worked up over this? At least he didn't ask me if I were pregnant. But what kind of name is Berry? Doesn't it just beg for a "dingle" in front of it?)

[12:06] Guy Unclear on the Concept: Do you lead people at work? as manager?

(Dot Lane can't manage her own inventory and doesn't have a job in SL, unless you count the blog and lord knows how blogging brings in the lindens--I mean, how much would you pay for a subscription to this blog? That's what I thought.)

[12:07] Dot Lane: Managing isn't leading Berry. I do have to go now though...I am helping a friend

(If you ask a question about RL and I don't know you the conversation is OVER.)

[12:07] Guy Unclear on the Concept: oh i see

(You don't really, but thanks for playing!)

Men: if you are trying to find the domme of your dreams, don't insult her by stating that men are supposed to be stronger than women and better leaders. How exactly do you think that makes me feel? Why would we want the want the weak rejects who can't stand up for themselves? To conclude: If I need a pickle jar opened, I'll get in touch with you. Anything else? Thanks, but no thanks.


Silvie said...

Oh damn... need to change my shirt now! Laughed so hard i spilled my coffee! Your comments are so...
If you're looking for a job here, try stand-up comedy *ggg*

Vidal Tripsa said...

Heehee, what a wonderfully strange dialogue you had there, Miss Lane. One can only laugh, I suppose, though perhaps only in retrospect. Conversations like that in real-time would have me somewhat concerned.

Part of me wishes I had such interesting conversations in my IM box, while the other part is glad I don't. I'd look forward to hearing more such repartée from you, though. ^^

Be said...

hahaha, that was damn funny Dot. Now why do I think you do have this Domm thing huh? :)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hehe, I love these random convo's.

I can just imagine what kind of guy he is in RL. 40 something, still lives with his mum, she cooks his dinners, washes his clothes and bashes him over the head with a rolling pin when he she finds all those sticky tissues next to his pc, it's all he knows bless him!