Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Gonna Shed This Skin

Body Basics "Kimberly" (Newbie Dot!)

Rd0 from Another Shop (Cute Dot!)

Sin Skins Freckled Fresh Stratus (Classic Dot!)

Artilleri "Lily" Sunkiss Autumn (Classic Dot After A Makeover!)

Blowpop "Mellie" Honey [smoky black/clear gloss] (Glam Dot!)

Skin Within "Eva" in Natural (Super Fab Glam Dot!)

click all photos to enlarge--you know you want to!

For a long time I resisted changing skins in SL because of the work involved--there are so many skin makers and so many versions of each skin and well, how much research can one girl be expected to do? I can only spend so much time looking at hundreds of those little boxes and craning my neck trying to see everything on display. Surely there is a better way to showcase skins. Besides, people are more territorial about skins then about most other things in SL, with hair and shoes being the closest competitors, so asking people about skins brought about more sermonizing than actual advice. (You don't believe me? Just ask someone about the merits of Shiny Things shoes versus Minx. For the record, I'm bi, because I buy from both places.)

I had the good fortune of running across Sin Skins early on and their "Fresh" line suited me perfectly, so I didn't have any reason to change my skin. My dermaphobia lasted until I met a few very stylish people who changed skins like they changed shoes (yes, that means you Books and Kit and Chartreuse) and they always looked so good I started to investigate. Being a girl reporter of limited means, I wandered around looking at skins at all kinds of places trying to decide which would look good on me. With some help (especially from the good ladies at the SLFreestyle blog if you haven't visited you must--go ahead, go, I'll wait for you) I built a small collection of skins that I have been trying out and I thought you all might like to see the results. I haven't taken pictures with all of the skins I have, especially the one that literally caused my friend IzzyBelle to scream at me to take it off, but the ones I have should be easy enough to find and some are even free!

Leave a comment and let me know which you like best!

Technical note: all skins were photographed with SL lighting set to Noon and using the Shapes By Zada face light on the "Midnight Glamor"setting.

p.s. that's the Annabel sweater from CKS Designs I'm wearing. You haven't been there? And you're reading my blog? What do I have to do, drag you over there?


IzzyBelle said...

i vote glam dot, or cute dot. either way, we all love dot!

for the record, it was for your own protection... friends don't let friends do heinous skins.

BellaBaroque said...

i think cute dot is adorable....but you do look mighty fine all glammed up! thanks for commin to visit me in Venezia for a while!

Rye said...

I have to vote for Glam Blowpop Dot. I admit that Super Fab Glam Dot is mighty attractive, but it's unfair that her hair is so different. Even the score and reopen the voting! But even with the hair the same I think Glam Blowpop Dot would win out for skin tone and lip color. Thanks for asking our opinions!