Sunday, November 11, 2007

IMs, I Get IMs

A friend added me to her group, which gave me the title of "Cute But Impossible". Watch the wackiness which ensues. Uh oh....incoming IM:

[19:07] Suave Dude With Ponytail: impossibly cute how novel

[19:07] Suave Dude With Ponytail: chuckles

[19:07] Dot Lane: well no

[19:08] Dot Lane: it is entirely possible that I am this cute

[19:08] Suave Dude With Ponytail: well said...

[19:08] Dot Lane: however

[19:08] Dot Lane: the title actually belongs to a friend of mine

[19:09] Suave Dude With Ponytail: so you are temporarily cute

[19:09] Dot Lane: so I may be neither cute nor impossible

[19:09] Suave Dude With Ponytail: oh..such a shame

[19:09] Dot Lane: possibly

[19:09] Suave Dude With Ponytail: sounds like a risky proposition

[19:10] Dot Lane: given some of the things I've seen in SL my cuteness or lack of is relatively low on the scale of riskiness

[19:10] Suave Dude With Ponytail: I would have to agree

And with that, he just walked away.

Keep in mind this came from a guy whose rez date is 10/9/2006!


BellaBaroque said...

LMAO.....oh I love the comments I get with my random titles. My favorite is Chapeau tres Mignon's "". That always draws attention and I think fits me quite well ;)

Kit Maitland said...

The hell? I never get comments when I have that title on!! *sigh*