Monday, November 26, 2007

100% Lecker

Close Up of acetone's Snowflake Tights

Some of the Cutest Poseballs Evah at Pochette

Posing With Kit Maitland at Pochette

(click on all pics to enlarge)

SL Free*Style sent me off in search of Kiki's closet and Honey Soul today and while the clothes I found were very nice, I was even more impressed by the German sausage stand. Now I know what you're saying. You're saying, "Dot, first the Flop Dog Trailer in the Fashion Victim HQ sim, and now a German sausage stand--have you gone all Freudian on us?" Don't fret, I'm still firmly committed to women and sometimes a sausage is just a sausage. I'm a little suspicious of the stand you see in the picture at the top of this post however. I'm not sure why a sausage stand has pictures of hippopotamuses (at least I think that's what those are) on it, nor do I care to know the reason. All I care about is that whatever they're selling it is 100% Lecker!

Speaking of lecker, I'm wearing a new skin from Tete a Pied, which had a brief sale this past weekend. Yours truly spent *way* too much money, but I like to think that the end result is worth the lindens. For those keeping track, this is the Vivant Blush Biba 1 model, and I think it looks great, especially with my punk outfit leftover from a party this weekend at AWT2. The sim where the sausage stand is located, Creators Pavillion, is decked out for winter with Christmas trees and falling snow--I really love the look of it and it is worth wandering around. The falling snow convinced me I should wear my "Snowflake" tights from acetone, which are currently half price.

I didn't buy anything from Pochette, but Kit Maitland stopped by to try out the poseballs pictured above. We both loved the absolutely adorable one on the left, sitting on the ground back to back. We also released our inner divas on another set (what's that? I'm all *outer* diva? Well I never!) and Kit noticed that we both had the same skin. She always looks so much better than I do though. *Sigh*


Vidal Tripsa said...

This is such an adorable shoot! I do love the look of your snowflake tights, Dot, and while you do seem to display some sort of meat craze here, there really is something to those vendors. ;)

I shall have to take a gander at those poseballs you mention. It's rare to find good coupling ones! Thanks for an eye-opening post.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

The TaP skin looks amazing on you Dot.

I bought those poseballs, so cute I just couldn't resist :)

BellaBaroque said...

Dot I LOOOOVE that TaP biba on you! I've passed by it a million times thinking it wouldn't work for me since I'm not all gothy or punky, but you may have changed my mind! Love ya lady and hope to see ya soon :)

Kit Maitland said...

Great pics Dot!!

The poseballs at Pochette are fab...thanks for getting me hooked on another animation/pose shop. :P

And I might add re Bella's comment...the Biba skin is works with punkish looks but it works equally with glamourous or even businessy looks. IMO it's the ultimate 'powerful woman' skin. ;)