Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gifts For All

Christmas at Candy Cane Lane Wearing Crave's "Nookie Cookie"

December means holidays for all and Christmas for most so I slipped into something festive and headed out into the cold to snap a few pictures. This very very sexy outfit is from Crave, which has several wintry looks guaranteed to make the object of your affection want to stuff your stocking (with gifts, you dirty minded people). Of course, I've been my usual pure-as-the-driven-snow self all year, so I expect lots of presents this year. Some wonderful designers have already obliged: WRONG is giving out a gift a day until Christmas, as is Ivalde. Insipired has a stocking hunt in their store and Tuli has a pile of gifts to celebrate their opening in Le Zoo (more on Le Zoo soon) I'm not sure how long Inspired and Tuli are giving presents so be sure to head over to each of these wonderful stores--no one wants to do their shopping on Christmas Eve anyway.

A girl can get spoiled with such generosity so tomorrow I'm making a RL donation for all of the wonderful people I've met through SL. Globe Santa is a deserving charity which puts smiles on the faces of children and I'm happy to do this for everyone who has made me smile.


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