Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A.O. is A.O.K.

Come Hither Dot

Wistful Dot

Pensive Dot

Wary Dot

Observant Dot

Photos taken in the winter snow at 101 Delmations (click to make them larger!)

Now, I've never been mistaken for one of the cool kids. After all, I've been on SL since July and have never used an AO (animation override) which seems to be one of the necessary conditions for being cool. In part, this has been due to my perpetual teetering on the brink of poverty and the price of the really fancy AOs has always made me blanch. The free AOs I've seen have either been too overtly sexual or look like Kate Moss after a three day coke binge--would you stop fidgeting already and set your interval to a longer time span?

I learned today that ANIMAH is giving out five free standing poses and headed over to the store to do some reconnaissance. I quickly saw that ANIMAH sells really wonderful animations--I hopped on a pose ball and cycled through some of them and they were very flattering. (On a side note, I was in another store today and saw a ballerina pose, hopped on, clicked for the next pose and found myself doing "female masterbation [sic] 1" for shoppers--I mean, WTF?) I'm going to have to save my lindens to buy more ANIMAH animations but I had to settle for the five freebies. Now, being slightly technically savvy, I realized I had to load those animations into something to make them work. I looked up the Zhao II AO, teleported to get it, and then proceeded to add the poses to the hud. And, as you can see from the pictures, it worked!

For those keeping score: the hair is the "Nancy" in fire from Truth, the argyle sweater is from Argyle, the skin is Sin Skins Stratus "Clara Bow", and the jeans are the free/1L "Lucky" model from G.L.A.M.


Books said...

Happy Holidays, Dot! Though I have shuffled off the Second Life coil, I still think about you and miss you!

You look radiant!

Your pal, Books

Silvie said...

Always a pleasure reading your blog!
Even though we're not seeing each other that often its like taking part in your life *smiles*