Monday, December 10, 2007

The Red and the Green

Mixing and Matching for the Holidays

The holiday season means plenty of red and green and SL's designers haven't disappointed--I'm currently holding my breath as I look as my inventory for fear of causing an avalanche of Christmas clothes to fall on me if I make a loud sound or sudden movement. Kit Maitland of CKS Designs has just released her "Party Girl" ensemble in several colors, including the red sheer shirt and halter you see above. I'm not wearing the "Party Girl" pants (if only I had a linden for every time I've said that!) so I've paired the shirt and halter with an a-line skirt from WRONG which was given out as one of the daily Christmas presents. The stockings are CKS Designs "Annabel" and the shoes are "Lolli" from Shiny Things.

If you've been a good girl you can join the CKS Design group via subscribe-o-matic and get yourself a shiny silver version of "Party Girl" as a gift. How cool is that?

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