Monday, December 3, 2007

Passing the Buck

Kit Maitland just tagged me, so I guess I have to play along or she will do horrible unspeakable things to me. Here are the rules, according to Kit:

1. Ya gotta post (on your own blog) 8 random facts about yourself.
2. Ya gotta tag 8 more people to post, so post their names at the end of your blog post!
3. Be sure to leave a comment in your taggee's blogs so they know they're tagged!!
4. Be sure to post these rules in your own post so your victims know what to do!!

Now, I'm flattered that Kit thinks I know eight people who blog. I'm also glad to get in on the ground floor of this however, since it will quickly turn into an Amway style pyramid where it will be impossible to find another sucker, errr...friend who blogs. I'm bending the rules and listing three people because I don't really have any friends, but will happily do the eight random facts.

Eight random facts about Dot Lane

1. I grew up in a town which has more cows than people.

2. I am taller in RL than I am in SL, although this was a purely an administrative oversight.

3. I would live on dark chocolate covered espresso beans given the chance.

4. I once thought Sleater-Kinney was going to be the greatest band of their generation. I love music, except for when I hate it. Nouvelle Vague's version of "Just Can't Get Enough" has been running through my head for days.

5. I can cook almost anything but I am a very picky eater when it comes to the textures of foods. I make great chili, roast chicken, and salad dressings but can't bake bread to save my life.

6. I just ate a sloppy joe.

7. I am currently reading The Rotters' Club, by Jonathan Coe.

8. I would sell Kit Maitland's soul to get the Cleveland Browns a Super Bowl victory.

Consider yourselves tagged

1. Chartreuse Muni
2. Creamy Cooljoke
3. Vidal Tripsa

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Kit Maitland said...

Hey now behave!!!

I almost tagged Chartreuse too!!!!