Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have You Seen This Girl Reporter?

Dot Lane Incognito, Except for Um, the Shirt

I find it hard to believe, but it has finally started to happen. Friends are reporting back to me that they're meeting people who read my blog for fashion advice. These aren't just normal people--these are complete strangers to me which means I've reached the third degree of separation. Oh, you poor, poor, misguided girls!

It used to be that the only sort of recognition I would get from random strangers was the German guy who found my name since I had started the "Girls With Glasses" group or people wondering if I were in fact pregnant. The German guy would IM me once or twice a week and ask to meet me because he wanted to talk about glasses ("How strong are your glasses?" he would ask). While this was entertaining the first time it happened, I really wasn't looking to meet glasses fetishists so I quickly had to string together all of the German I knew to dissuade him: "Achtung! Ist verboten! Gott in himmel! Hasen pfeffer!" This served merely to excite him--apparently the idea of a very forceful woman who wore glasses and shouted randomly in German was even better than just a glasses wearing girl.

Evidently you're not here for the glasses, so I'm flattered that you take the time to visit, read, and maybe even follow up on some of what I've written. If you see me out and about, say "hi"--like most celebrities I'm just an average everyday person.

p.s. The "Celebrity" t-shirt is from Bossa Nova and might still be available.

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Silvie said...

Oh honey, told you you'll make your way here first time we saw each other!
Hope you finally believe me now.
Yes, i confess, i do follow your shopping tips on and off and started to recommend this blog to others.
You're really moving something here, girl but that i knew all along! *hugs*
oh and... any german guy givin you crap ever again, just gimme a name and i swear u wont see him ever again (unless i need your help disposing of the body *g*)
though you might be so fair to warn him first "Lass mich in Ruhe oder ich sags meiner Mami" (leave me alone or i'll tell my mom)