Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dot Lane Old and New

Dot Lane, As She Would Have Looked in Late July 2007

Dot Lane, 9 December 2007
Apparently All She Has Discovered are Tattoos and Lipstick
The Massive Blood Loss is Inexplicable

Argyle's Vintage Suitcase

Argyle's Vintage Suitcase, Close Up

When I was very young and poor in SL, I spent a long time deliberating which clothes to buy. Now that I'm sadder but wiser (and still poor) I've decided to revisit one of my earliest outfits, the Tres Blah "Mod" ensemble and to introduce a new favorite store, Argyle.

When I arrived in SL I had a vague idea of wanting to dress myself in a style reflecting post-WWII American fashion but was disheartened by what I saw. Lingerie and mini skirts and low rise jeans and leather and latex seemed to rule the SL fashion universe and the boxes of freebies people dropped on me did more harm than good. Inexplicably, I hadn't even thought of looking for SL fashion blogs, which would have saved me a great deal of time and energy. What was a girl to do? Well, I asked questions (which is how I found CKS Designs) and started to be more creative in my searching.

I did a search for "mod" and Tres Blah popped up in the results. When I arrived at the store I was thrilled to see turtlenecks and pedal pushers and all kinds of things which just seemed to be me. Best of all, the prices were excellent. I picked out the "Mod" ensemble because a turtleneck, shorts, and stockings seemed very reasonable for 90L (although a quick check at the store says 125L). The black turtleneck and grey shorts meant I could provide color via jewelry so the outfit was flexible to boot. I added a pair of suede flats from Yuka Shoes and I was all set. The picture above shows me as you might have seen me in July 2007. In addition to the Tres Blah outfit and shoes mentioned above, I'm wearing the "High Roller" bracelet from artilleri, a freckled fresh Stratus skin from Sin Skin, the Gurl 6 "Seduction" hair in elektra, and my trusty Mobius "Betty" glasses. This look has served me well for months--what better way to show off a new pair of stockings or fabulous accessories? I look forward to seeing new clothes from Tres Blah very soon. If you want to learn more, check the Tres Blah Blog.

What does this have to do with Argyle? Well, both Tres Blah and Argyle have shops in the recently opened Le Zoo sim and they seem to be working the same side of the street in terms of quality and value and even style, up to a point--I find them to be very complementary. (FYI, I work both sides of the street) I came across Argyle when I visited Le Zoo the weekend it opened and picked up the amazing "Les Animaux" charm bracelet Argyle made for the occasion. I returned after the crowds had died down to do a little more poking around and immediately had to buy the purple argyle sweater you see in the second picture. At 45L, the sweater is a bargain and perfect for winter. And since it is winter, Argyle also has a range of gloves and scarves in beautiful patterns. Feeling skint? Pick up an Autumn freebie gift box for some treats! Finally, how can you not love the vintage suitcases? They're completely impractical so of course I bought them. I'll have to chalk them up as being a coup de coeur. Need more Argyle in your life? The Argyle Boutique blog is here.



Kit Maitland said...

I <333333 Juliette's clothes!!

Have you ever checked out 1-800 Betty's?!!

Noelle Eilde said...

Thank you so much for the kind review! I have linked you blog and this post to mine!

As Always,