Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-Christmas Blues

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Koreshan Pointe Amusement Park

The Gritty Kitty "Roboto" Belt

I haven't been feeling particularly motivated to write the blog in recent days. The holiday gifts vendors were kind enough to give out in the days leading up to Christmas have left me with an inventory backlog and I'm steadily working my way through them, trying them on, thinking about future blog posts. It's hard not to get a little down on oneself; after all there are so many more creative things I could be doing besides taking pictures of myself and writing snarky comments.

I'm also sad because I put on a belt last night that I hadn't worn in months, and suddenly realized that my friend Books had recommended the store where I bought it. Books is no longer with us in SL, but I want to take the opportunity here to thank her for being a wonderful, stylish, creative, caring friend who helped so much in making my Second Life a positive experience. Who else would have made me earrings which looked like Dots gumdrops for my birthday or spent far more time than she should have to make me a anchor tattoo? But that was Books--always curious about how to do something, always generous, always there to listen to me prattle on about whatever was rattling around in my head. In all the holiday excitement, I forgot how much I miss her. Be well, Books.

Books in Her Fabulous Hat

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