Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Bitch of Gifts!

Pochette's "Militari" jacket, Skinny jeans by G.L.A.M.,
and the awesome Mellie2 skin in Cream by Blowpop!

Second Life Typo Funnies!

While shopping at Pochette with Kit.....

[5:36] Kit Maitland: omg
[5:36] Kit Maitland: darling jacket
[5:36] You: and a binch of gifts!
[5:36] Kit Maitland: lmao
[5:36] Kit Maitland: I thought that said a bitch of gifts
[5:36] Kit Maitland: I was like
[5:36] Kit Maitland: wow that's some collective I've never heard
[5:37] You: I will have to start using it
[5:37] Kit Maitland: I got a whole bitch of gifts!!
[5:37] Kit Maitland: haha
[5:37] You: exactly!

In any case, Pochette has a number of lovely things just waiting for you and they're nothing to bitch about, including some knit socks, camouflage camisoles, and the military style jacket you see above....

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