Monday, December 17, 2007

A First Class Ticket to Beauty

The Station Entrance at Fleur

Waiting For My Train

On the Platform--Where are the Pullman Porters?

In the Dining Car--I Haven't Even Started Dinner and the Wine Is Half Gone!

In the Dining Car, Showing the Tete a Pied "Fleur" Skin in Blush

Skating Near the Fleur/Nouveau Border

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In the past month or so several amazing sims and stores have opened. I'm particularly taken with Le Zoo, the Fashion Victim HQ sim, and the skating rink at Chapeau Tres Mignon. In a world where too many places resemble strip malls in Florida, these three have stood out as places I want to visit again and again. To this list I'm adding Fleur, the new home of Tete a Pied.

Fleur takes its inspiration from the golden age of rail travel, leading the visitor through a series of landscapes, utilizing a clever trick. One enters the train station via a gleaming reception hall, with the ticket counter before you and departure lounges to your left and right. The vaulted ceiling departure lounges display Tete a Pied's skins and clothes, which I have raved about before. Once your train is called, you head to the platform and board a Pullman coach. I quickly found my seat and the trip started. I had dinner (well, most of a bottle of wine, really) in the dining car which made me feel like Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest, (see Eva Marie Saint on the train here) surrounded by elegance as the night lights flashed by outside. I woke up the next morning, disembarked at the Nouveau Station, and found myself in an alpine setting. I changed my clothes and was ready to ice skate.

The attention to detail in the sim is first class, from the little enameled plaques on the front of the station which read "Place du Gare" to the news stand displaying magazines which link to various SL fashion sites (perhaps you'll see me there someday!) and the furnishings in the station and on the train. The concept of having one simply walk through a train to get from one station to another station (the train doesn't actually move) is intuitive and seems like it should be obvious, but I've never seen it in SL before. Congratulations to CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion for executing such a compelling vision of what SL can be.

Oh, um the clothes I'm wearing. Right. Let's the departure lounge I'm wearing CKS Designs "Beat" outfit and Shiny Things "Lolli" shoes. The gown in the dining car is "Stella" from Bossa Nova. Ice skating is the "Annabel" sweater, tank, and tights from CKS Designs with a green a-line skirt from WRONG. Hair by Calla, the skin is the Tete a Pied "Fleur" in blush, the collar is from Eat Rice. The vintage suitcase is from Argyle (and to think that I thought I wouldn't have a use for it--ha!) The skates were free.


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