Sunday, December 2, 2007

Perfect 10s

Waiting to Skate--Should I Really Be Showing My Belly?

The Beautiful Rink at Chapeau tres Mignon

A Little Light Shines On Me

Now That's What I Call Skating!

My Lovely Figure in Silhouette

(click all photos to enlarge for full effect)

Chapeau tres Mignon had a skating party today to kick off the holiday season so I had to head over and try my axels, loops, and salchows. The rink is absolutely stunning as are the animations--one need only sit on a poseball briefly before making effortless spins around the rink. Also stunning is the "Bond Girl Ski Suit" which is a joint production of Battered Boudoir and Chapeau tres Mignon. I'd love to wear it, but with a name like "Dot Lane" I'm destined to be a secretary in the home office, not one of Bond's conquests at a ski resort in the Alps. Still, a girl can always dream. My festive holiday sweater and stockings are from CKS Design's Poe collection and the hat is from Crave.

Want to suggest a Bond girl name for yours truly? Leave a comment and let me know!



Kit Maitland said...

TAG!! You're it!!!!

Come play!! <3333

Maja Ingmann said...

I have a couple of Bond Girl name ideas for you...

Reportery names:

Currant Evence
Dot Yoreyes

Naughty reporter:
Dayley Humper

Maja :-)