Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Black Dresses Part 1

I've wanted to do a project involving my SL friends for some time--after all how much blogging can one possibly do about oneself, and, more to the point, how much can people possibly read about me? (Hey--don't answer that!). With the holidays upon us, what better to feature than little black dresses? They're the cornerstone of any wardrobe from high style to neko to fetish so I've asked friends to take pictures of themselves in their favorite little black dresses. If you don't see yourself or you haven't been asked to participate yet, don't worry--I'll get to you. This project is going to stretch into the new year judging from the response I've had. The production time for this initial installment was more than I bargained for but seeing how each of my friends has taken the theme and interpreted it makes it all worthwhile.

Now, without further adieu, friends and little black dresses!

(be sure to click the photos to enlarge them--you'll be glad you did!)


Chartreuse Muni

Chatreuse writes The Excellent Second Life of Chartreuse Muni blog and has one of the most intensely personal styles I've seen in Second Life. She introduced me to Eat Rice and has been a continual source of inspiration. When she IMs and says "Hey have you seen......" I know whatever I teleport to is going to be great.

Chartreuse Muni Little Black Dress 1

Chartreuse Muni Little Black Dress 2

Little Black Dress: "Patsy" by Artilleri (Artilleri/91/123/26/)
Hair: "Jenna" by Refuge (Koreshan/53/92/24/)
Skin: "Plague" by Draconic Kiss (Koreshan/193/93/25/)
Shoes: "Diva" by Tesla (Dreamworld South/230/221/22/)
"Ring Master Tights" & "Ocelot Scarf" by Kyoot Army (Endicott/225/153/130/)


Vidal Tripsa

Vidal is the co-creator of Extropia and is a perfect doll. If you want to see a singular vision of the future head to Extropia and see the lovely work she's done. You can also read her blog, Dressing Vidal or the Extropia blog or both!

Vidal Tripsa Little Black Dress 1

"Olivia" by Adored Clothing


Helena Wade

Helena is a fashionista with a devilish sense of humor and a keen eye for detail. We first started talking because we noticed we had on the same skirt from Luminosity and have become fast friends.

Helena Wade Little Black Dress 1

Helena Wade Little Black Dress 2

Helena Wade Little Black Dress 3

LBD1: SweetDreams Black Sweet Latex Dress

LBD2: Armidi Limited - Tunic A001 Tank [Black]

LBD3: SweetDreams Black Latex Cabaret Top, SweetDreams Black Latex Sizzle Mini Bottom


Creamy Cooljoke

Everyone knows (or should know) Creamy as the editrix of the SL Free*Style blog. She helps people get the mostest for the leastest and if you haven't joined her group, you're missing out. What? You're still here? GO JOIN HER GROUP!

Creamy Cooljoke Little Black Dress 1

Creamy Cooljoke Little Black Dress 2

Creamy Cooljoke Little Black Dress 3

Creamy writes: The dress in the pic with the hat is in a free set from [Heart] Cupcakes. I felt like being naughty today so I paired it with these ripped stockings which were part of a group gift called "Concubine Trash" from Savvy. The shoes are free Mary Janes from Tesla and the hat was a free gift from Elegance Hats at Ivalde. In the other pic I have combined 2 group gift dresses from Bossa Nova. Top half is the "Christina" dress and the lower part is of a dress which I can't remember the name right now. [Ed. note: it is the Lucia dress, I think].


Be Holder

Be is a friend from A Woman's Touch 2, where I like to dance. She's one of the first people I saw in SL who really caught my eye as someone who took a great deal of care in her appearance--she's always so well put together and a great photographer as well.

Be Holder, Little Black Dress 1

Be Holder, Little Black Dress 2

Be Holder, Little Black Dress 3

Be Holder, Little Black Dress 4

Pic 1&2 shows the "LBD" from Blaze, the creator is: Blaze Columbia.
Pic 3&4 shows the "Hot Black Sheer Dress" from WRONG, the creator is: Kaysha Sion.


Kit Maitland

Long before I met Kit Maitland, her CKS Designs was my favorite store in SL. It still is, and she's one of the best friends a girl could have. She does high style like no one else and if you don't believe me, visit her store and you can see her starring in her own advertisements.

Kit Maitland Little Black Dress 1

Kit Maitland Little Black Dress 2

Kit writes: In choosing a lbd for this article I decided to go 'vintage' with a look reminiscent of the queen of the lbd herself, Audrey Hepburn. The dress is called 'Sophia', a 'vintage' piece from the original 'Dazzle' line created by the late and sadly missed Ginny Talamasca. After selecting the dress, I decided to pair it with some 'vintage' (aka retired) hair and shoes from ETD. The hair is 'Grand' in Copper...I thought the little tiara was just the perfect Audrey touch...and the shoes are 'Noir T-Straps', both by Elikapeka Tiramisu. The skin is Tete a Pied Vivant Biba 2 in Buff by Roslin Petion & CJ Carnot. I felt the dramatic eye and luscious red lips were the perfect balance for the simplicity of the dress. It also doesn't hurt that it's my favorite skin like...ever. :P I wanted to keep the jewelry simple, so I went with the 'Silver Circle Earrings' from Valena Glushenko of Diamonde for their striking but simple retro appeal...and for the finishing touch I'm holding the 'Aly Gold Bitchstick' by LupineFox Paz of Foxy's Smoke Shop.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the first installment of this project--I love you all!

Editrix's note: If any of the slurls don't work, please let me know asap!

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