Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Rave Nation's "Merry Mistletoe" at Candy Cane Lane

Doll Keys at Rave Nation

Rave Nation currently has a Santa Lucky chair giving out cute (naughty cute, not cute cute, and honestly, what's better than naughty cute?) Christmas outfits, including the "Merry Mistletoe" number you see me in above. I've always said that if a girl needs to make her own fun during the holidays, she should carry her own mistletoe and this outfit has it very strategically located. What, you don't believe I've always said that and just made it up because it sounded good? Where's your Christmas spirit?

If you stop by, be sure to say "hi" to Jana Kowalski, who works hard as the greeter for Rave Nation. I poked around the store for a while and came across the cutest doll keys tucked away in a corner. For 150L you can turn yourself into the perfect holiday doll for someone special. The key spins and, when touched, says one of six phrases that you can write yourself. When I think back on past Christmases, I wish a certain doll I received had said "Don't leave me on the floor for the dog to chew me up." If I were your Christmas doll, what would you want me to say? Leave a comment!

Oh, the dirty Santa hat is free from Chicanery. I think the dirt gives it that authentic 19th century Victorian coal dust feel.


1 comment:

Vidal Tripsa said...

Just you try and stop me getting to Rave Nation! I have clockwork keys, sure, but none with wind-up phrases. It's time for an upgrade! ;D

By the way, you look very cute indeed in that top photo! The sultriest Christmas helper I have ever seen. ^_^