Sunday, December 9, 2007

Selby Snow Ball

Selby Snow Ball Outfit: "Stella" from Bossa Nova

Close Up Showing the Tuli S4 Skin in Cream/Frost

The Morning After: Reflecting Dreamily at the Selby Waffle Cabin

Last night was the Selby Snow Ball which meant an excuse to put on a gown and shake a tail feather. I quickly threw on Bossa Nova's "Stella" gown and the Tuli S4 cream/frost skin* and then helped (and by helped I mean "sat around and made catty comments") while Kit chose a dress and hair. Kit has, how should I put it, a little "problem" with hair. No, we're not talking about a personal grooming failure, rather she has paralysis by choice issues. When I picture Kit's inventory in my mind all I can think of is the government warehouse at the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. How she can find anything is beyond me, but she pulled out a perfect style, Tuber arrived, and off we went.

Now I don't consider myself a true Selbyite. I'm more of a hanger on, a groupie (minus the sexual favors thing) if you will, who loves coming to Selby events. How can I ever forget my ride on the sex hippo with Tuber at the Selby Halloween party? Why do I love Selby? Well, the witty repartee is a plus and everyone dresses to the nines. We covered llamas, zucchini, things one probably shouldn't lick, and a host of other issues while listening to the wonderful music provided by Sera. I met a charming RL writer wearing a dress from Ingenue and a good time was had by all. I still can't get over how much it felt like a winter formal--I didn't have a date and the room where we were dancing looked like a Holiday Inn ballroom. Ah, the memories! Thanks again to Joe and Sera for putting on another stellar event.

*The Tuli skin is available at Tuli's Le Zoo location, and was done especially for the opening of the sim. If you like it, hustle on over to pick it up. I love the frost detail! And ow that I look at myself with and without glasses, I'm reminded of Marilyn Monroe in "How to Marry a Millionaire"--doesn't she wear a gown like this in a scene?


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Kit Maitland said...

Pfftt...give it a little didn't shuffle uncomfortably and leave when the 'zucchini' convo started like a lot of ppl you're halfway to being a 'Selbyite' already. :P

So glad you came!!!

*me gathers her hair folder up and shoves it into the corner*

....and I do NOT have a problem