Sunday, October 28, 2007

Are You Pregnant? Part Six

Arguing with Chartreuse at the SL Hermit Guild Halloween Party
God I hate that skinny bitch!*

Don't You Look Away From Me!

Are You Listening To Anything I'm Saying?

It's On!

So Halloween is in a few days, which meant that this weekend has been filled with costumes and parties and general mayhem. I attended the SL Hermit Guild party in Selby at the invitation of my friend Kit, who looked lovely dressed as a wind-up ballerina. My costume? Pregnant Dot aka Britney Spears, in honor of all those people who have asked if I am pregnant. See what a pregnant AV looks like? I love the "Mommy to Be" t-shirt almost as much as I love cramming myself into those skinny jeans. Just be thankful I didn't wear a short skirt and no panties in order to give you the "Full Britney". Despite being fully clothed, I still won the best costume contest. I guess guys like pregnant lesbians or something. I usually don't argue with people like that but I polished off the bottle of vodka Kit gave me and well, I just got sooooo angry! How drunk was I? Well, I joined Tuber on the "sex hippo" (see below) which was the most satisfying ten seconds I've had with a man in years.

Photo by Kit Maitland

* No friendships were harmed in the taking of these photos


EMChartreuse said...

You're so hot when you're angry.

Kit Maitland said...

omg I'm so glad y'all came to the party!!

...your costume was brilliant...and I am LMAO at the sex hippo pic!!

Long Live the Sex Hippo!!! <3333