Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Great Pumpkin (No Not My Ass)

"Bad Kitty" from CKS Designs

Halloween is upon us and SL designers are pulling out all the stops. I've amassed quite a collection of bloody tattoos and brooms and witch hats--everything a girl needs to stylishly have fun on All Hallow's Eve. I've even rigged my collar to dispense treats so if you see me out and about, click it and get something nummy or just ask me for a candied apple. Out of all the Halloween gear I've collected, nothing warms my heart more than the "Bad Kitty" outfit from CKS Designs. (Bad) Kit(ty) Maitland has outdone herself, kitting out everyone right down to the undies. Best of all? It's free! All treat, no trick! But be warned: I dare you to go to CKS and not fall in love with the new Poe Collection which you will find right next to the Bad Kitty sign....

The "Bad Kitty" Socks and Shiny Things "Lollies" Shoes
(thanks Chartreuse for identifying the shoes immediately--do you think we have a problem?)

"Bad Kitty" Shirt Back and Undies
(the tattoo was made by my friend Books--kisses!)

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Kit Maitland said...

haha...glad ppl are enjoying the freebie...I'm going to insist from now on that ppl refer to me as 'Bad Kitty' Maitland.

And there's nothing wrong with being able to identify accessories on sight...

Anonymous said...

lovely butt