Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Craze That's Sweeping The Nation

Watching A Hobo Soccer Match in Selby

Kit Gets Hung Up

So I was at home last night, doing my nails and eating ice cream, when Kit IMed to tell me a hobo soccer match was about to start. "Hobo soccer?" I said to myself, picturing disheveled men kicking around a tin can, and then hurried to put on something which would be suitable for such a sporting event. As it turns out, hobo soccer involves forklifts and a 55 gallon oil drum, the point of which is to drive the oil drum into your opponents goal. While the dynamics of the game are the equivalent of elephants dancing ballet, the crowd was fun and I got in my share of heckling which, after all, is the point of spectator sports since the fork lifts didn't actually crash and catch fire, which would have been pretty cool.

Aggravated note of the day: while trying to get dressed last night, I noticed that I had somehow deleted my favorite hoodie from Maitreya. Gah! Always look inside a folder you're deleting is the advice I give out and yet somehow forgot to follow this myself. You can see the hoodie in the pic with this post.

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Yuvi Robbiani said...

Hey! I'm an SL hobo as well as a pin ups girl and if you ever feel like slummin it with me at Calleta I can introduce you to some fine folks and cool builds.