Saturday, October 27, 2007

Box(es) of Hair

Calla Eupatorium Black Pumpkin Seed Tip

Calla Tuber Rose Pumpkin Shell Black Tip

Calla Sweet Violet Black Pumpkin Shell Tip

Calla Phlox Pumpkin Seed

Calla Meadowsweet Pumpkin Seed

Calla Marigold Pumpkin Seed

Calla Lichen Pumpkin Shell

Calla Eupatorium Black Pumpkin Shell Tip

Calla Cinquefoil Pumpkin Seed

Calla Candytuft Black Pumpkin Seed Tip

Calla Bluebell Pumpkin Seed Black Tip

Calla Begonia Pumpkin Shell Black Tip

(all photos taken in the photo booth at Imogen, click to enlarge them)

My default hair in SL has long been a freebie from Calla--when I was looking for a good short hair style I stumbled across their "Im So Preddy v2" style and immediately fell in love with it--I couldn't believe I had found something which suited me perfectly for free! So when I heard that Calla was giving out fall flavored hairstyles to their group members I headed over to Callatropia where I found what seemed to be thousands of people with hair on their minds. There were something like 24 different styles being given out, all in the pumpkin seed/pumpkin shell/black color family, with various permutations of each in the boxes. After collecting a few, I decided to take some pictures and share the results. What I saw confirmed my suspicions: round-faced girls like me should stick to short hair--I think the "Lichen" style is perfect for me. Thanks to everyone at Calla for the lovely hair! You can visit the Calla blog as well.

Oh, the sweater above is the "Annabel" model which is part of Kit Maitland's awesome Poe Collection available at CKS Designs. The collar is from Eat Rice.

"Box of Hair" is an excellent CD by the band Cub.

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