Sunday, October 7, 2007

Whose House? Dot's House!

DOTS House in Nagoya Central Nippon

Speaking of "Kind Design" (we were speaking of that weren't we?), Ana Boogiewoogie sent out a gift to her group members recently. I'm beginning to think that the designers are targeting me since they're sending out clothes with dots. About a week ago it was See No Evil and now this lovely tank top (see above) from Sh*t Happens which will go with my short black skirts and capris and well, whatever I want to wear it with really. I'm contemplating entering the contest to be the face of Sh*t Happens--can you imagine me plastered on ads everywhere? I can, because this is Dot's world and the rest of you are just living in it.

You say you want more dots? My friend Books saw my inner Donna Reed and bought me the "Wonder Dress" from Olivia's Secret, and it wasn't even my birthday (which is, in fact, coming up very soon hint hint!). I love the way it looks but I suspect Donna wouldn't have worn it with a collar which says "Fuck Off" although I am willing to bet that's what she was secretly thinking. Please no jokes about me needing a "Wonder Bra" to go with it.....

Hot Dogs or Pie? An Easy Decision at Ian Falcone's Retro Drive Up Drive In Diner and Theater

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Ana Boogiewoogie said...

Aw dot's a sweetie. :)